Gone are the days of the “Just Closed” carousel post. Because, honestly, nobody cares about what we just sold. 

Selling a home might feel like a flex in the moment, but it tells people nothing about how the sale went, whether you negotiated a higher price for your seller, or what you did to give that seller a reason to recommend and refer you. 

Instead, use the opportunity as a case study to show the community what you did to sell that house for top dollar. 

Let me explain. 

We’ve been creating “Just Closed” carousel posts, and, instead of just saying we sold the place, we’re sharing the analytics. These posts act as mini case studies that explain—

  • How many video views we had
  • How many offers we received
  • How many people walked through the open house

It allows us to tell a story and to really explain how we got to that number. 

As a bonus, it also gives our sellers something they can use as a reference when someone asks them, “What did your agent actually do for you?” 

So, instead of recreating the wheel for your next “Just Closed” post, use this template to create your own mini case studies. 

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