Last week, Neel Dhingra of Forward Academy and Dustin Brohm (aka The Massive Agent) teamed up for a webinar on “Content That Gets Results.”

This webinar started out as an episode of the Massive Agent Podcast where Neel shared some of his viral video blueprint—the same one that helped him earn $4 million last year in take-home pay. 

Attendees were rewarded with a closer look at this blueprint and how it dramatically impacted his business. 

The Massive Agent even shared how, after a conversation with Neel, he came away with ideas that made a huge difference in the quality and impact of his own videos. 

Enjoy the BAM Recap. 

Neel Dhingra’s life-changing content shift

After spinning his wheels for the first decade of his career, Neel figured out a formula that changed everything for him. He’s living proof that the quality of your videos can dramatically impact your business. 

As Neel put it, “This strategy changed my business and changed my life.” 

Relatively few people know how to create video content that gets bankable results. Even fewer know how to capitalize on the shifts in marketing content—what works now versus what used to work. 

Just saying, “I want to get better at video,” isn’t enough. 

While you can make real progress by just getting started and learning from your mistakes, you can make that progress much faster if you first allow yourself to learn from the mistakes of those who’ve succeeded before you. 

Neel Dhingra knows how to dominate with video. And while this recap can’t take the place of a one-on-one conversation with him, it’ll at least get your foot in the door and give you a taste of what your future in video could look like. 

It will also give you an insider’s look at why some videos get results and others don’t. 

The Shift

Video content creators need to respect the shifts happening in the market—not just concerning real estate but also with social media platforms. 

There are two kinds of media you can put out into the world: paid and earned

Advertising is paid media. But due to saturation, the effectiveness of ads has gone down significantly. Standing out with paid advertising is monumentally difficult—not to mention expensive. 

As Neel put it, “You can’t really shock people anymore; but you can give them the goods.” You can still give them the information they want. Or you can entertain them. 

Infotainment is about giving your audience information they value in a way they find entertaining. And that doesn’t have to involve dancing. 

Why videos? 

The main reason to focus on videos is their superior reach and engagement. Instagram Reels reach more people who aren’t already following you. 

Photos, by comparison, reach 10-20% of your audience. And photos do not make you a thought leader—or much of an entertainer. 

With more social media users showing a clear preference for “infotainment,” wearing both hats gives you an edge over those who can only wear one (not to mention those who wear neither). 

You don’t have to dance or be a comedy genius to be entertaining; you just have to know what content interests your audience. The best video content is both informative and entertaining. And that means knowing two things: 

  • What information your audience wants
  • What will get them to watch your videos to the end—and even rewatch them

Why Instagram? 

Neel suggests starting with Instagram because Instagram is pushing Reels hard right now to catch up with TikTok. 

So, if you spend the next 6-12 months putting high-quality, engaging videos on Instagram, you stand an excellent chance at building an audience that looks forward to (and shares) your content. 

8 Key Elements of Videos that Get Results

The webinar touched on eight key elements of videos that get results. We’ll present them here as a list: 

  1. Speak to one person — not “Hey, all,” or “Hey, guys.” Make the viewer feel like your video is meant just for them. One-on-one conversations are more inherently engaging than speeches addressed to a group.  
  2. Level up your video quality with the right equipment. Clients and business partners treat you better if your videos are high quality. The upshot is you get more leads and referrals. Sound quality and lighting make a huge difference, so invest in a good mic and use a ring light.
  3. Focus on results — not the process. From the beginning, answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” What specific results can you help your audience get more of? What special hack or strategy do you know that will benefit them? 
  4. Lead with the hook. Don’t lead with your life story (or your name). Lead with the thing your audience will gain by watching your video. Give them a reason to keep watching. 
  5. Use data to clarify, not confuse. Use data that’s clear, indisputable, and relevant. Humans love clarity. And with data, less is more. Be clear, not clever. 
  6. Music in the background makes a huge (positive) difference in engagement. 
  7. Always include a call to action (CTA). Make it clear exactly what you want your audience to do after watching your video. 
  8. Put engaging content BEFORE the CTA. This is where you make the benefit of that action clear to them with content that grabs their attention and holds onto it. 

Stick to a simple video formula

Neel’s formula for creating videos that get results is a simple one—so simple it seems almost counterintuitive. We expect things that get big results to be more complicated. 

Hook—> Problem—> Solution

You already know to lead with the hook. Neel’s formula for a great hook makes it even easier to create one of your own: 

“Here’s how you can do [achievement] even if you [common issue].” 

One twist on this formula is to take a niche topic and give it a hook with broad appeal. 

After drawing your audience in, present the problem—one your audience can easily relate to and one that’s been taking a heavy toll on them:

  • Relationship problems
  • Sleepless nights
  • Financial stress

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for this, use the following to search for topics relevant to your audience: 

  • YouTube
  • Google Trends
  • Top publications
  • Answer the Public
  • “People Also Ask” (on Google search results)

Whatever your chosen topic, the purpose of each video is to get people interested in the next one. 

What’s the point of all this?

So, what is the point of making these videos for social media—and specifically Instagram? 

If you’re a busy real estate professional, do you really need to be taking the time to create Reels for an online audience? 

Here’s what creating videos can do for you: 

  • SAVE you time — These videos will do more to reach your intended audience while you’re busy with one-on-one conversations, open houses, door knocking, etc. 
  • Improve conversion and retention — Effective, entertaining, high-quality videos make you more attractive to potential clients and business partners.
  • Give you instant credibility – If you know how to create high-quality video content, clients and other professionals are more likely to see you as an authority.
  • Improve the quality of your business — Professionals know the difference between high-quality videos and bargain basement-quality videos. 

People, in general, gravitate toward higher-quality products. And if they associate your brand with high quality and professionalism, they’re more likely to contact you when they’re ready to sign up for whatever you’re offering. 

Get started 

The content from this webinar alone gives you an edge over the competition—if you apply it consistently and invest time, thought, and energy crafting your video content. 

You can start creating now, working with what you’ve got, to learn first-hand what works for you and what needs improvement. 

Wrapping up, Neel encouraged attendees to invest in ways to increase their output without increasing their work time. 

Learning proven formulas and hacks from those already dominating with video is how you’ll stand out as a professional and develop a compelling online presence long before other video creators figure out the same tricks by learning on their own. 

Click here to learn more about Forward Academy. Or take a closer look at Neel’s Content Accelerator (NCA) program.

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