On this week’s episode of The Walk Thru, two OGs, Dan O’Neil and Tom Toole, join Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent to discuss where the 2023 housing market is headed—and why it’s critical for agents to know how to articulate what’s happening locally as well as nationally. 

Next up was news from The Real Deal on the Ecklund-Gomes team, specifically their new five-year contract with Douglas Elliman. 

For topic #3, The Broke Agent revealed the biggest holiday marketing fails—as well as some winning strategies for keeping in touch with your fellow agents and your sphere of influence. 

Speaking of winning strategies, topic #4 brought up a new BAM article with 21 email subject lines for agents to use over the holidays—with seven provided in a Tweet thread by Chris Smith

Finally, Tom Toole finishes the episode with a live FSBO call that results in an appointment with the owner. Byron debriefs the call with four big takeaways for every agent (especially those who doubt the efficacy of using scripts). Tom demonstrates precisely how it’s done. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0002:51 Intro

02:51 Topic #1: Where the 2023 housing market is headed

08:14 The one thing Byron is waiting to see in January

14:18 Topic #2: Ecklund & Gomes sign 5 year deal with Douglas Elliman

19:36 There is value in having a great partnership.

28:57 Topic #3: What NOT to post during the holidays

29:26 The Broke Agent reveals the biggest holiday marketing fails

34:34 Yes to DMs, personal videos, and being human

35:11 Topic #4: Email subject lines

37:33 The Broke Agent shares one of his favorites

38:21 Topic #5: Tom Toole’s FSBO call

43:18 Tom’s live FSBO call

49:37 Byron’s big takeaways

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