There’s nothing like a little social media battle to end the week. 

This time, it’s between Compass CEO Robert Reffkin and The Real Deal founder and publisher Amir Korangy

Byron Lazine gives the details in this BAM Breaking:

How it started

It’s no secret that Compass has been in the news a lot lately. It seems the industry always has something to say about the brokerage. 

This time, Reffkin took to Instagram last night when he noticed something in the Real Deal’s photos. He posted a screenshot of the Real Deal’s site, along with the question: 

Why are the Mayor of NYC and I the only people the Real Deal pictured without a suit jacket? I have a jacket on my company team page and I’m sure the Mayor has plenty of pictures in a suit.

Robert Reffkin

Compass CEO

Drama Unfolds on Instagram

While the post was sure to garner comments from many, the battle began when Amir Korangy, founder and publisher of the Real Deal, responded to Reffkin, asking why he was selling Compass stock. 

This began a full thread, with some back and forth between Reffkin and Korangy:

Almost twelve hours after Korangy’s first comments, he issued an apology of sorts:

Of course, other users chimed in as well:

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