Starting a new segment here at BAM brilliantly titled “Bammer of the Week.” It will highlight an agent or someone in the real estate industry that I think is doing something unique or cool, usually in marketing. I may be digging myself a hole here by making this weekly, but let’s start with one and see how it goes…

The inaugural Bammer of the Week is Jarrod Benson

If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, he most definitely will be popping up in your feed in the near future. According to his IG profile, Jarrod Benson is a millennial, digital comedy creator, and realtor in Orlando, Florida. He’s one of the best marketers in the game because every time I go on Instagram he’s the first thing I see. You know why? Because he’s creating EXACTLY what the algorithms want you to create, and he’s really really good at it.

Jarrod’s videos are the perfect mix of trends and original content in the form of quick-hitting, vertical Reels. Basically all of his videos are hilarious and have a masterful hook that keeps you from swiping away. He’s also done an amazing job at building an audience that isn’t just real estate-related. In fact, most of them aren’t even about real estate. He covers a wide variety of genres like finance, general work humor, clever hacks and trending topics in pop culture. 

My favorite thing about Jarrod is that he’s not one of those creators just “doing it for the algorithm.” There’s some agents out there who try to trendjack every video and put that “wiggle wiggle” song on everything just because they think that’s what IG wants them to do. Those videos usually end up looking extremely forced and awkward. Jarrod looks like he’s genuinely having fun and just happens to be creating the perfect content for today. Ok, now I’ll shut up so we can watch some of them.

Every real estate agent at an open house

Getting a mortgage in 2022

This is about real estate, but isn’t necessarily from the perspective of a realtor which is cool. He doesn’t always have to be in character as an agent.

Every financial Guru

Dad seeing new house for first time

Get a Starbucks for free every time

He also utilizes the remix feature, playing off other viral videos and using them as hooks to something completely random and hilarious. This is a very underutilized feature of IG.

The engagement on these is ridiculous, some of them have 50,000 plus likes and millions of views. Every time I go on his page he’s picked up another couple of thousand followers. It’s actually starting to piss me off. He posts like two, three, sometimes four of these a day and also goes LIVE. This is the recipe to grow. He must have read my eBook. Jk he definitely didn’t. 

Anyway, I’m not sure if he’s creating his content to build his real estate brand, his personal, or both. Either way he’s growing like crazy and is a great inspiration for real estate agents who want to create content outside of agent-to-agent jokes. He’s proof that it works and that you can get broader with your niche. Would love to get this guy on the podcast and see what his endgame is. Is he trying to grow his real estate business or become a full-time content creator? Either way we’ll be following. 

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