If you missed the first-ever BAM Bash that took place in Dallas on Tuesday, here’s how it went:

Day of the Bash

It rained all day. We’re talking downpours in Dallas.

But, not a big deal, seeing as everyone was soaking up knowledge from the insane first day of the Tom Ferry Success Summit.

5:30 pm

The Broke Agent and members of the BAM team arrived at the Gallery Rooftop Lounge to make sure everything was set to begin before the party’s start time of 6:00 pm. (Shout out to the event staff at Canvas Hotel for being epic hosts!)

6:00 pm

As if by BAM magic, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

6:03 pm

Byron Lazine walked in with a mean mug, wondering why no one was there yet.

6:08-9:00 pm

Non-stop BAM vibes with more than 300 people circling in and out. As soon as The Broke Agent announced to everyone that it was time to get sh*t-faced, the party really started.

It was a rager. It was unlike any real estate happy hour I’ve been to…people were getting hammered, people were dancing. It was more like a party, not a light apps and happy hour type of vibe. It just felt like a BAM party, you know? It was very on brand.

The Broke Agent

It was the best thing ever. 

Byron Lazine

The BAM Community Showed Up

There was a line of people because of how packed it was—a crowd that far exceeded our expectations. It was the who’s who of real estate influencers, major characters from the industry, and even Tom Ferry’s son made an appearance. 

This night was my equivalent of going to a Backstreet Boys concert in 1999 and getting backstage passes.


BAM Bash

Or, as @lynleyresidential said:

It was like my Instagram feed came to life.


BAM Bash

And we got to meet  @makeithomewithlauren, who won tickets to the Tom Ferry Success Summit in BAM’s first giveaway.

BAM Bash

Speeches and Sponsors

The BAM Bash couldn’t have happened without the support of all involved.

The Broke Agent spoke about watching the brand and community develop over the years:

It’s been really cool to see @thebrokeagent develop over the past seven years and the support of the agent community. And we’re really excited. This felt like a kickoff launch party after finding our sea legs and producing nonstop content. There was a lot of excitement, and everybody at the conference the next day looked hung over and was talking about how cool the party was.

The Broke Agent

Byron Lazine thanked the party’s sponsors:

  • Refer, co-founded by Jason Cassity, was there with several members to announce the referral network now has over 100 members.
  • PropStream, a provider of the most comprehensive real estate data nationwide, also helped make the party a success.

And some exciting things in store for the BAM community:

  • The Massive Agent Podcast is coming to BAM! Be on the lookout in September.
  • More in-person BAM events and bashes.
  • Incredible content and edutainment coming your way!