August has a grand total of ZERO real holidays… which is actually kind of nice. Holidays end up being a constant excuse as to why something can’t get done in a real estate deal, so it’s good to establish a little normalcy as we head into the end of summer. Also, July is always the worst content month in terms of clicks, views, and opens because nobody is paying attention. So, we welcome August with open arms!

If you want to indulge in some fake holidays for content, here are some of the best (worst) ones.

August 4th: International Beer Day

Do a video about your top three favorite spots to “grab a cold one.” You can film these at the actual locations of the bars/restaurants or you can just Green Screen them. Use the beer and restaurant as a hook to share your knowledge about the surrounding areas and tie in some real estate facts. Maybe you have a listing around one of the spots that you can also hype in your video. Food ranking videos always do really well because people stay until the end of the video and then share their opinions in the comments. Don’t sleep on these!

August 10th: Lazy Day 

You can emphasize how you don’t celebrate this holiday because THE REAL ESTATE GRIND NEVER STOPS. 

August 12th: National Garage Sale Day

Maybe you can host a garage sale to attract potential clients? It’s kind of like setting up open house signs outside of your own house to let the people come to you. Or you can showcase listings with your favorite garages (I know I’m stretching here).

August 24th: International Strange Music Day

Opportunity here to poll your audience/clients on what music they prefer to listen to at open houses. You can do this in your story or post a Reel with your favorite open house song and see what people think in the comments. 

OR, you can post your “strangest” music obsession and engage your audience on what theirs is. If you want to relate it to real estate you can mention which songs you like to listen to in different circumstances: on the way to a closing, on the way to an inspection, on the way to crash your car through a listing you didn’t get, etc.


Even though I am 33 with no kids, just writing “Back to School” still gives me a little anxiety. One of the best parts about being a real estate agent (besides the ULTIMATE FREEDOM) is almost every topic can be related back to real estate. Take back to school – film some content about where you like to shop, what stores have the best deals for supplies, and when the best times to go are. Then you can tie it back to a listing or the area that the store is located in. 

Also, the end of August is the perfect time to talk about the school districts, proximity to your listings, and the communities around them. Of course, be careful not to violate the code of ethics, and make sure you’re using objective data. Consult your broker on this one.

More generally, mentioning “back to school” or “end of Summer” in your content will make it more relevant as you can talk about how activity picks up in certain communities, how it affects traffic, and the walkability of your listings to schools and extracurricular activities.

General End of Summer Content Ideas

What are some advantages to putting a home on the market at the end of Summer? More activity?

Heat problems: Like last month, you can talk about the best spots in your community to “cool down.” This can be movie theaters, pools, beaches, cocktail spots, etc. 


July marked the birth and death of Threads and Reels were either viral or enormous flops. Like every month, I recommend a variety of posting styles to combat the constantly changing algorithm. 

As of writing this, traditional photo feed posts and carousels seem to be outperforming Reels in terms of likes and comments, but not in overall reach. 

I highly recommend joining our BAMx Community where we can help you stay up to date on all the platform changes and help you become a content machine!


August 10th: NFL preseason starts (thank God) 

Every year I forget how slow July is for sports. I’m a huge baseball fan but watching my Yankees strike out 10 times a night isn’t doing it for me. GIVE ME FOOTBALL. As always, if you live in a city with a professional NFL team, preseason is a great time to take clients to games or giveaway tickets as prices are significantly cheaper than the regular season. 

August 20th: Women’s World Cup (Final)

USA just squeaked by to the knockout round after a disappointing 0-0 tie with Portugal. Let’s see if they can continue their dominance and win the Cup on August 20th.

August 26th: College Football starts 

Caleb Williams will lead USC to the National Title game where they will get completely destroyed by Georgia. You heard it first. If you live in a college town, throwing tailgates is a fun way to advertise your real estate business and meet new clients.  

August 28th: US Open starts

Will we continue to see the rise of Alcaraz or will Djokovic reclaim his spot at the top? 


The Barbie and Oppenheimer movies hit theaters on July 21st, and the memes have only ramped up. Expect content about these two box office hits to stick around for at least another week. That infuriating new Barbie Girl with Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice will probably be a trending audio for the next few weeks if you care to destroy your content with it…


Here are the sounds trending on TikTok this month.


Great sound to make fun of your least favorite lUxUrY aGeNt.

#2—Can I Live?

For those moments in business where it feels like you don’t have a second to breathe. 


A funny sound/ CapCut template to post about overwhelming situations. 

#4—New Opportunity

This sound is great for putting a positive spin on a tough situation!

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