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We’re on the other side of the halfway mark for 2024. And I want to talk about an asset we’re not leveraging enough. 

In real estate, too often we see buyers taking the lead in searching for their desired home online. But the agent, when they have a buyer in real estate, has an asset that oftentimes goes unused. 

Lead with your buyer

As a buyer’s agent, you have something you should be telling everyone about: a human, a person, a family, or a couple looking for their next home in the community. 

Too often we’re putting together lists of criteria on the computer that include property details like four-plus bedrooms, two and a half baths, and two floors, as opposed to having real conversations with people who already live in the community. 

These conversations should begin with information about the buyer:  

“I am working with this family right now, and this is the area generally they’re looking in. This is how much they could spend, but could probably go a little bit higher for the perfect house. 

“They’ve been striking out on finding what they need. So I’m just reaching out to see if you know anybody who is even having the slightest thoughts of selling their property.” 

Every time an agent has a buyer, this conversation should be had 10, 20, 30, 40 times a day until they unlock an opportunity off of a site like Zillow or Realtor.com. 

50% of buyers want their agent to find them a home

According to a recent NAR survey, 50% of buyers say they want their agent to actually find them a property—not just receive text messages of what they want to go see next. 

They want an agent who will actively pursue the market on their behalf. 

Let’s relate this to the world of sports. At the beginning of July, the NBA has free agency. You might have seen some headlines—Jayson Tatum from the Celtics just signed the record NBA contract: $315 million. That’s his extension with the Celtics. There’s all kinds of money flying around this time of year in the NBA.

More to the point, though, the NBA agents—the agents to the players—aren’t sitting around waiting for text messages from teams and clients off of a website: “Hey, I might want to check this player out. Are they still available?” 

No. They’re calling every owner of the team. They’re having multiple conversations with every owner: 

  • “Hey, this is what this person’s looking for. They’d probably give up a little bit here to be in this city. 
  • “There’s no state tax over there. That’s a consideration. 
  • “His wife’s family’s from here, so if they could get in that city, that’d be a little bit attractive to them. 
  • “They’re really looking for a championship at this point in their career, so they’d give up a little bit to be on the right team around the right players. 
  • “They like so-and-so; they’re friends. 
  • “They’ve played for this coach before. 
  • “They don’t like that coach, so they really don’t want to go over there…” 

All the dynamics of somebody’s life and personal situation, they’re digging into it, and they’re having conversations all day long, leveraging the asset of the human they’re working with and the family dynamics of what they’re looking for.

They don’t waste a significant asset. And neither should you. 

Act like an agent, close more deals

There are real estate agents who say, “Ugh! I got another buyer. I wish I had a listing.” 

I hope you think of it differently as this problem you’re trying to solve—for your buyer and their life and their family. A buyer is an asset you can leverage to speak to the entire market. 

Take some cues from what the NBA is doing right now, making hundreds of calls and text messages a day. That’s what being an agent is. Those are your tactics.

And when you start acting like an agent who is willing to make the calls and have the conversations, you’ll also start to uncover more listings. But only if you do the work. 

Acting like an agent begins with understanding what the word “agent” actually means, which underlies what consumers expect when they hire you. I talked about this recently with my own team:

If you’re still new to circle dialing or cold calling, watch this week’s sales training video where I roleplay a circle dialing phone conversation with a homeowner on behalf of my buyer. 

It’ll take you less than five minutes to learn how to leverage the asset I’m talking about here to double your real estate leads and accomplish at least four things with every single phone call.