Today is a big day, not only because it’s Easter but also because it’s the final day of the 2023 Masters Tournament. Hopefully you’re not stuck at an open house right now, twiddling your thumbs while everyone else is glued to their TV screens. And if you are, well, try to sneak in some covert tournament-watching.

Now, let’s talk about traditions. We all know the Masters has some iconic traditions, like the green jacket and the ceremonial tee shot. But let’s be real, the real estate industry has some “unique” traditions of its own. Like that one client who insists on bringing their entire extended family to every showing. Or the never-ending parade of cheesy headshots that never match up with the agents you meet in person.

To make this day even more special, The Broke Agent is here to bring you some much-needed entertainment. So sit back, relax, and be sure to scroll through all the weird and wonderful real estate traditions. 

What are your real estate traditions? Head to @thebrokeagent‘s post and let us know in the comments!