The whole point of listing videos is to get more exposure for your sellers and your brand. 

And while high-production videos are certainly entertaining—agents don’t always have the time, budget, or permission from the sellers to record an all-out Oscar-worthy mini-film. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put out a video for your clients. 

Malaysia Fua proves that a simple listing video can have just as much impact as something more extravagant. Take a look:

Green Screen

If you’ve heard The Broke Agent talk at any point this year, you’ve heard him talk about green screen videos. They are easy to create, visually appealing, and when done correctly, keep your audience glued to the screen.

Malaysia makes great use of a green screen video by scrolling through her latest listing’s professional photos. With a quick scroll, she gives viewers glimpses of each room, leaving them craving more.

Taking her position just under the photos, Malaysia points out the property’s most impressive features – like having access to a private marina. She ends the video with a quick CTA for her open house, “So I’ll see you this Saturday from 11:00 – 2:00,” and provides additional ways viewers can get in touch with her in the caption. 

Blooper Reel

There’s no doubt that Malaysia exudes confidence on screen—something consumers in her area will likely be drawn to. 

But she gave BAM a blooper, reminding us that even the most seasoned content creators have to do a few takes. And we know the BAM audience loves to be entertained, so we’ll leave you with one of Malaysia’s discarded bloopers: