We all know trendjacking can boost engagement and get more eyes on your Instagram posts. 

And nothing has been trending more than Barbie this summer. 

Leave it to Paige Steckling to deliver a listing video that perfectly encapsulates the most talked-about movie of the year. 

As always, Paige shows she’s the master at two things:

  1. Hooking her audience
  2. Focusing on the features that entice buyers

Let’s dive in to see how she does it. 

“Hi, I’m Ski Barbie”

In this video, Paige hooks viewers by magically appearing on the screen as none other than Ski Barbie, with long blonde hair, pink earmuffs, and a pair of skis in hand. 

Standing in front of her newest Utah listing, she shares what is probably the biggest selling point for local homebuyers: location. Specifically, the property’s proximity to the area’s best ski resorts, while still being tucked away from tourist hotspots. 

To finish off the intro, she quickly lists off some of the property’s features, paired with quick-hitting images and b-roll video. This draws in viewers even more, ensuring they’ll watch through to the end (and possibly on repeat!). 

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party

Once her intro is complete, Paige invites viewers inside, where the camera work steals the show, moving through the impressive property with seamless transitions. Without any lingering or sub-par shots, this leaves the audience wanting more.

It’s always a good idea to pair these types of video shots with some music, whether trending or instrumental. For this listing video, the music was a no-brainer: “Barbie World” by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. If you’re going to trendjack, go all the way. 


To end the video, the camera goes back to Paige, who shares some of the best things about the up-and-coming neighborhood. She leaves us with a simple call to action: “Call me to set up a showing.”

If Barbie isn’t your thing, no worries. Keep your eyes out for the next big trend, and then ask yourself, WWPD: What would Paige do?