How many property descriptions have you read that start with, “Location, location, location!”

We get it. Location matters in real estate. But being able to really showcase the location of a property will take your marketing to the next level.

And Paige Steckling just delivered a masterclass on how to do that with her latest video hook.

A Listing Video Hook That Can’t Be Ignored

When The Broke Agent saw this listing video, he gave the ultimate compliment by saying it’s one of the best hooks he’s ever seen. (Something he also said about this listing video from Paige—it’s safe to say she’s the queen of captivating hooks.)

In her video, Paige unveils a property that is a golfer’s dream, situated within walking distance of a golf course. And Paige doesn’t just tell you about it, she shows you. With an impressive swing, she tees off and sends a ball soaring through the air, straight to the front door of the property.

Imagine the impact that has on potential buyers. From that moment, they’re hooked.

How Paige Steckling Comes Up with Her Video Ideas

On a recent Walk Thru, Paige gave us a glimpse into her marketing process and how she comes up with her brilliant hooks. 

What I really go all-in on is the marketing of my listings…I try to go into the house, spend some time there, and try to really think (about) the avatar buyer for each listing.

Paige Steckling

By putting herself in the shoes of the potential buyer, Paige taps into their desires, preferences, and needs. This allows her to craft a video that speaks directly to their aspirations and captures their attention from the very beginning. It’s all about understanding what makes the property special and finding the most compelling angle to showcase it.

In the case of this particular listing, some updates were needed, but the location itself was an undeniable selling point. She decided to go all in and make the location the star of the video. By highlighting the proximity to a golf course in an entertaining way, she immediately piqued the interest of potential buyers, leveraging the property’s standout feature to captivate her audience.

As Dan Oneil pointed out, agents don’t always have Ryan Serhant’s multi-million dollar listings to showcase in a video. That’s why it’s important to hone in on your creativity and focus on the most unique selling points of a property.

So, whether it’s an exceptional location, stunning architecture, or any other distinctive feature, try Paige’s approach of immersing yourself in the property in order to understand the avatar buyer and create a video hook that resonates with the target audience. 

It’ll make your listings impossible to ignore.