The heat is on as an Inman article puts the spotlight on eight mistakes realtors make. That’s the starting point for today’s episode of The Real Word with Byron Lazine and Nicole White. 

They also discuss helping worried consumers prepare for a recession and inviting Colin Schindler – the brilliant agent behind the viral Blink 182 parody – to perform at BAM’s kick-off party.

Eight mistakes agents make when competing

Competition can be a good thing – but not when agents use it as their excuse for one of the eight mistakes discussed in this Inman article

Byron and Nicole break them all down:

  1. Not reading or paying attention to details in MLS 
  2. Sloppy offers 
  3. Misleading and overpromising
  4. Offers that won’t stick
  5. Discounting 
  6. Failure to manage and communicate expectations
  7. Glossing over details
  8. Not verifying lending details

This is the time right now where the agent who knows all the ins and outs, who’s crossed all their t’s, who’s dotted all their i’s is gonna win. The agent that’s deep into the details.

Byron Lazine

Helping consumers prepare for a recession

According to a CNBC opinion piece, 74% of U.S. consumers are concerned about a recession and 85% are worried about inflation and its impact on mortgage rates. 

On top of that, 56% of people have noticed a drop in their standard of living (thanks to inflation). 

The article offers consumers five steps they can take – which agents can use when addressing concerns with their clients and prospects. 

  1. Update your resume
  2. Reduce expenses
  3. Bulk up your emergency fund 
  4. Pay down debt
  5. Stay invested 

I think you’re gonna have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable… You have to make those calls. We’ve been talking about going back to basics, I think from January 1st until right now, and this is why, because you have to be prepared for the second half of this year. And then…you should know what’s in your pipeline in the next twelve months.

Nicole White

Colin Schindler’s Blink 182 Parody

Real estate agent Colin Schindler, aka the @robedrealtor, is our marketeer of the week! Inman wrote a piece celebrating his Blink 182 parody, “All the Listings” as “social media gold.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Colin has responded to our invitation to perform at the BAM bash at the Tom Ferry Summit. BAM has the cheapest tickets you can find for the event, and Byron reveals exactly how you can join the party. Colin is in, and the whole film crew will be there. 

Agents right now that have this kind of skill set – Colin is very good in front of the camera – should be thinking about, ‘Okay, Netflix just signed that new show, Buying Beverly Hills...’ If you’re gonna produce a parody like this, you can pull off a great eight-episode show.

Byron Lazine

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