I’ve seen my fair share of real estate music parody videos. In fact, since I started The Broke Agent in 2015 I’ve probably been tagged in hundreds and to be honest, most of them have made me physically ill. Some have been so bad that I’ve considered revoking my own license so I wouldn’t have to say I was in the same industry as the people producing these monstrosities. There’s nothing worse than getting a “hey share this,” from some 48 year-old Sotheby’s agent making “God’s Plan” by Drake into an insufferable story about their buyers finding a house.

Full disclosure, I was one of these people. I came out with TWO real estate rap videos when I first started the BA and they were both TERRIBLE. The better of the two I had to delete off the internet because I would 100% be canceled if people saw it today. If you dare, search “The Seller From Hell” on YouTube and you might find the other one before I delete that too. But, I chalk up my pathetic attempt at a real estate music video to being a victim of the times. Song parodies were still kinda cool in 2016. They were definitely cool in the 90’s with Weird Al, in the 2000’s on sites like eBaum’s World, and then hit their twilight years with The Lonely Island in the early 2010’s. Since then, I’d like to think the category is mostly dead.

Right now, the art of creating a “successful” music parody is nearly impossible as people’s attention spans are non-existent. You ever post something on Instagram or TikTok longer than 15 seconds? It’s basically guaranteed to flop. People just want to scroll, making it very difficult for long-form videos to get any sort of retention. 

BUT, just yesterday I got a text from my good friend and mortal enemy, Tim Macy, saying that he just tagged me in a video on Facebook.

I looked and saw an “All The Small Things” parody called…get this… “All The Listings.” Normally seeing something like this would cause me to hack apart my laptop with an axe, but because I respect Tim’s opinion, I watched. AND HOLY SHIT it’s a work of art. It’s not just great for a real estate parody, it’s actually just great. After seeing it, I messaged Colin to collab to help him get the exposure he deserved. OK, press play:

The realtor’s name is Colin Schindler aka @robedrealtor on IG. If you’re a Blink 182 fan you’ll see that this rendition is uncanny. From the plane at the beginning to the background dancers to running naked, he nailed every bit of it. As Matt Lionetti said in one of the comments, this must have cost him like $40,000. He’s also extremely talented. He’s an excellent singer and embodies the roll of a rockstar. He’s actually a “rockstar agent” which is my least favorite term on the planet.

The dedication and attention to detail is impressive and worthy of virality. As of writing this, the video has well over 100,000 views on both Instagram and Facebook, with Colin picking up hundreds of followers by the hour. 

The reaction to the usually critical real estate community has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the comments:

Now, the question is, what will Colin do next? What can he do next? When you come out with such a BANGER like this it’s hard to replicate, especially when it’s something that probably took months to put together. Regardless, we will be rooting for Colin and monitoring the situation closely. 

By the way, I would like to mention that there are a bunch of other realtors who have created some pretty incredible song parodies as well. Off the top of my head, Bob Tompkins comes to mind, Matt Lionetti of course, and Tim Smith’s infamous “Teach Me How To Duffy” video. I know there are a lot more that I didn’t mention, but I didn’t want to take away from Colin’s video and give props to everyone else. 

Here’s a banger from Bob.

Here’s Matt’s hilarious Stan video.

And here’s Smith Group’s Teach Me How to Duffy.