We’ve all seen those billboards with faces of local real estate agents, like giant business cards overlooking the highway. It’s fair to ask how many people remember the names of those agents by the time they reach their destination. 

Agents on social media—especially those who know how to stay top of feed for their followers—have an advantage no physical billboard can give them. They go virtually everywhere their audience goes. 

And every time someone in their audience engages with their content, they become more real, relatable, and memorable. 

Staying top of feed on Instagram

With the popularity of short-form video, creating a presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube should be part of every agent’s content marketing strategy.

Once you get comfortable creating video, staying top of feed should be a priority. 

Because if you’re top of feed, you’re also far more likely to stay top of mind.

And in this business, you need that edge to stand out from the competition. Think of Instagram as your digital billboard—one that is constantly giving your audience a reason to look. 

Read on for seven tips to stay top of feed.  

Tip #1—Put yourself in the shoes of a brand new prospect

Every new person who sees your content online is a prospect. You don’t know when they might need a real estate agent. But if your content engages them, you’ve already stood out among the legions of real estate agents in your market. 

Look at every video you post with the eyes of someone seeing your content for the first time. 

Notice how strong (or not) your hook is and how smoothly you deliver your message. Analyze how you’re dressed, the color scheme, and whether your branding is obvious and consistent or barely noticeable. 

Ask the kinds of questions a new viewer might ask: 

  • Would this person be pleasant to work with if I needed an agent?
  • Does this agent know their stuff? 
  • Is this someone I can trust to help me make the right decision for myself? 
  • What makes this agent a better option than someone else (especially someone who might charge less)? 

Having a strong hook for every video is critical to not only growing your following on Instagram but keeping it—and giving them a reason to think about you more often. 

Tip #2—Ask, “What’s the first thing they’re going to click on?” 

When you look at your Instagram profile, ask yourself, what’s the first thing a new user would find interesting enough to click on?

Many head straight for Stories, but it could also be one of your Reels with an attention-grabbing title.

Speaking for myself, I want to ensure that when people come to my page, they have something to click on that will interest them and make them want to see more. I work on updating Stories continually, so there is always something new and enticing.

Stories is where I’m showing more of my personality—who I am, what my interests are, my background—and hopefully attracting the kind of people who would want to work with me when they’re thinking of buying or selling a home. 

Tip #3—Keep your branding consistent

The cover photos you use for your posts are part of your branding. They should grab your audience’s attention and immediately give them a reason to connect that post to you. Your branding should be evident and consistent from one post to the next. 

Beyond cover images, your color scheme is critical to your branding. Aside from your logo, the colors you use for your titles, frames, and backgrounds should automatically make your audience think of you.

My video team helps me keep my branding consistent. And when I’m creating new videos, I use Creator Studio (native to Facebook) on my computer. Canva is also an excellent tool for this. 

Whatever design tool you use, the key is consistency – in what your audience sees and in what they hear. As for hearing, think of the style of music you use as background. Stick with one style that fits your branding and communicates some of your personality. 

Tip #4—Post more Stories

To me, Stories are the way to stay in front of people all the time. The day I started this blog, I posted seven Stories—each at a different time of the day. 

I typically post one first thing in the morning, another at lunchtime, then dinnertime, or later in the evening. Some days, I’ll post just two or three Stories, and some days, 30. Most days, it’s somewhere in between. 

Sticking to a specific number every day isn’t as important as simply committing to posting Stories daily, making them relatable to your audience, and keeping your branding consistent for every piece of content. 

Tip #5—Don’t make it all about real estate

Another key to your Instagram success is to avoid posting too much about real estate. I don’t know anyone who enjoys watching video after video on new listings or home sales. 

Mixing up your content is essential, even if your whole reason for being on Instagram is to attract prospective clients. These are real people who want to see that you’re more than an agent. 

Let your prospects see who you are as a person so they can decide whether you’re someone they might enjoy working with. You’re one agent among many. And that’s all you’ll ever be if no one can see the person behind the page. 

Tip #6—Use analytics to your advantage

Go to Insights on your Instagram page, and you’ll see your top Stories, Reels, etc. This is where Instagram shows your content reach. It’s also where you can see the most active times for your audience.


Use this data to send more content to your audience when they’re most active on Instagram, and more of them will see it. If your content is well-crafted, your engagement will go up, signaling Instagram’s algorithm to recommend it to more people. 

Tip #7—Fiverr is an excellent resource for time-saving design

If you want a more cohesive look for your Instagram page but don’t know where to begin—or you just don’t have the time to do this yourself—find someone on Fiverr who specializes in designing logos and branding for social media. 

I sent Fiverr artist Dimzer22 a headshot and told them what I wanted, and I received eight different logos in return. They make branded images, and I upload them to Instagram. 

Paying someone with proven skills in this area is far better than waiting until you have the time, energy, and inclination to do it yourself. This isn’t a splurge; it’s an investment in your business. 

Once you have a logo and color scheme you like for your brand, it’s much easier to maintain that branding for all your content. 

Be Consistent

The main thing you need to do on any social platform is consistently post as much as possible. The more you post, the easier it is to determine the type of content your audience engages with the most.

And from there, just keep on giving them what they want to stay top of feed–and top of mind.