On this week’s marketing update, I’m sharing the daily Instagram posting routine that helped me grow @thebrokeagent to almost 400,000 followers. 

First things first. Start your routine with Metamucil or something. It keeps you regular, and trust me when I tell you it’s an integral part of this formula. 

Spend 15+ Minutes on DMs

Every morning, when you’re doing your usual routine, take at least 15 minutes for your DMs. This means responding to the DMs in your inbox and actively messaging other accounts that you follow. 

The best way to do this is to scroll through Stories and react and respond to the ones you like. Ask questions, start conversations, and give them positive reinforcement about their account. 

This starts the algorithmic engine early—before you even begin posting. Interact with people in the DMs, and you’ll start to pop up. 

Comment on Other Posts

If you have some extra time, leave comments on other posts. Go to industry-related accounts, and leave funny, engaging comments on their content. 

People reciprocate the likes and comments of those who engage with them. So, don’t forget the social part of the app. Don’t just publish. And don’t do it just to be nice. Do it to get more engagement on your posts and to get more followers. 

Instagram gamified commenting recently, allowing users to like or pin comments, making it even more beneficial to comment on other people’s posts. 

So, being active on other accounts will help you get discovered, and will help you with reciprocity once you post. 

Post Notifications

Sometimes, I’ll have my post notifications on for other popular meme accounts, Inman News or Tom Ferry. And then I’ll comment right away, so I pop up. It helps with likes and followers. 

One time on a @fuckjerry meme post, I commented on something hilarious, and I picked up 2,000 followers. I didn’t even post anything on my feed that day. 

So, comment on other people’s posts. 

30+ Minutes for Scrolling

Another thing I do is scroll. Simply put, if you spend time scrolling, you will get more ideas on what to post. Scroll for inspiration—and because it’s fun, of course. Take note of what audios are trending, what styles you like, and what content you want to emulate. 

I get half my content from other meme accounts and other realtors. So, spend time on what’s hitting on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. And get ideas to stay relevant. 

Agents who don’t scroll and only publish are stuck in the stone age, still posting the horizontal “just listed” templates. If they took some time to see what else is out there, they would immediately change their tune. But we need agents like this, so our content looks incredible, you know, in contrast to theirs. 

So, think of scrolling as part of your job, growing social media as a lead pillar, and not as a waste of time. Scrolling is not a waste of time because you’re getting ideas constantly. 

The More You Post, the Better

As Dr. Clickstein, I’m prescribing you 500 posts per day. Not really, but the more you post, the better; 500 is obviously insane but do two or three feed posts per day. 

Instagram is so over-saturated right now you can post 20 times per day and less than 10% of your followers will see it. 

And you’ve got to post Reels. Vertical video is the best way to grow on the platform, and the reach of Reels just kills that of any other thing. If you don’t post Reels, you will die—or at least your account will. 

Post 5 to 10 Instagram Stories Daily

When I started going hard on Stories, my engagement, reach, and following skyrocketed. You can’t just share to your feed. You have to hit Instagram from all angles. 

Also, Stories are way more fun and dynamic with polls, quizzes, questionnaires, links, everything. It’s a more authentic way of posting. You don’t have to worry about how it performs because nobody else can see your views. 

You can even test stuff on your Stories if you want. If it starts to get a lot of engagement, delete it from your Stories and put it on your feed (a little trick right there). 

Plus, posting on your Stories leads to way more DMs, which, I told you before, leads to more engagement and a closer relationship with your followers. 

Neglecting Stories is a bit like neglecting legs at the gym. 

Go Live Once a Week

Instagram likes it when you use all the facets of the app. This includes Lives. I know they’re scary, but going Live does three great things for you and your account. 

Number one, it pushes your content or story to the top of people’s feeds. Next, it gives off-the-cuff practice and a closer relationship with your followers. And, of course, you can post your Live as a video after, giving you even more content. 

Go Live at open houses, talk about the market, and answer questions from your followers to stay top of feed and top of mind. 

Always Use Instagram’s Newest Feature

Whether it’s the collab feature, Reels, Remixes, or whatever Instagram slings at us next—because they keep pumping out new features—stay on top of Instagram updates and be an early adopter of every new feature. 

To that end, keep tuning in for these Marketing Monday updates. And get your free copies of my ebooks on 2022 Instagram Hacks and Your Weekly Instagram Prescription.