Instagram just dropped new stickers on IG Stories to give you new ways to connect with your followers! Today I’m sharing a few ways that you can use stickers to boost your engagement.


Frames can turn any photo into an interactive experience. To reveal the photo inside, your followers will have to shake their phones to “develop” the image.

Source: Instagram

How to use the frames feature

Agents can use frames to promote their real estate business on IG. One way to do this is by utilizing the frames sticker to showcase a listing undergoing renovations. 

  • Begin with a video showcasing the current condition of an unrenovated room.
  • Overlay the Frames sticker on the video and tease the transformation.
  • Add in a photo of the fully renovated room.
  • Keep the caption simple, highlighting the transformation and inviting followers to shake for the reveal/renovation.


With the Reveal sticker, you can post a hidden story for your followers to uncover. The only way for them to see the content is to send you a DM.

Source: Instagram

How to use the reveal feature

Use the reveal feature to promote our real estate business on IG for off-market and coming soon properties:

  • Add in an exterior shot of a coming soon listing.
  • In the what’s hidden box, write, “an off market gem for $999k.”

You can also utilize Reveal for a Starbucks giveaway

  • Add in a photo of your Starbucks giveaway QR code.
  • In the “what’s hidden” box, write, “Message me the word Starbucks for a free Starbucks drink.”
  • Set up the ManyChat capture customer data with lead magnet flow on the backend to collect emails.

Reveal also works for a lead magnet giveaway:

  • Add a screenshot of the cover of one of your lead magnets.
  • In the “what’s hidden” box, write, “Message me to grab my guide on 7 steps to a bidding war.”


With the Cutouts sticker, you can turn part of any video or photo in your camera roll into a cutout sticker that can be added to your story.

Source: Instagram

How to use the cutout feature

Use the cutout feature to promote your real estate business on IG with a local spotlight.

  • Overlay cutouts of a local business logo onto a video showcasing the interior of a local business like a coffee shop or restaurant.

Or, use cutouts for day-in-the-life content.

  • Add in a video of a simple property tour. Use the cutout feature to overlay a photo of yourself. Add in some fun text with a question to spark engagement.

How will you utilize the new Instagram features?