Whether you love it or hate it, Hallmark’s favorite holiday is coming up. In last week’s Walk Thru, Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent invited guest moderators Marie Lee and Dan MacKinnon to share their content ideas for Valentine’s Day.

In this post, we’re focusing on their top strategies for showing some love to your social media contacts and email subscribers. 

To be fair, the first example of content inspiration is something you can use year-round. But what buyer wouldn’t LOVE to see some move-in-ready homes at affordable prices in their area?

Practical and swoon-worthy—proof that the two can co-exist! Read on to see what we mean.

#1—Marie Lee’s strategy highlighting “Move-In Ready Homes”

The number one strategy shared during the episode was Marie Lee’s strategy of identifying move-in-ready homes in her market (Nashville, TN) listed for under $450,000. This one is perfect to replicate for anyone who cringes at the thought of making Valentine’s Day content. 

This past week, I was running a home search, found quite a few move-in-ready, recently-renovated homes. Went ahead and selected that and made that as a list, and then created a Reel: “Move-in-ready homes in Nashville under $450,000.” I showed what the screenshots of the homes looked like. And if someone was interested in more information, I told them to comment and I would set them up on a response notification that would have, ‘Hey, here are the homes,’ and I would follow up with, “Are you interested in receiving a weekly list of homes under $450,000 in Nashville?”

Marie Lee


#2— “Still haven’t booked your reservations for Valentine’s Day?”

This idea was first mentioned by The Broke Agent, who also suggested a few alternative hooks for real estate agents to use: 

  • “The Worst Places to Take Your Date on Valentine’s Day in [Your City]”
  • “The 5 Most Romantic Spots in [Your City]”
  • “5 Ways to Make Your Home More Romantic”

Dan MacKinnon also shared his spin on the reservations hook: 

What I like to do is actually make reservations—five of them—at each of my favorite restaurants at different times. And then pass them out to your favorite people. You have a couple left, you put them online and say, ‘Hey, are you looking for a reservation? Here’s some that I have available. Let me know.’ You’re that hero for the guys that forget. You’re that wonderful guy that the ladies need to have. That’s one of my favorites.

Dan MacKinnon


#3— “Things to Do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single”

Here are a few ideas to play around with if you want to show some love to your single-and-unattached followers and/or subscribers:

  • 5 Singles-approved ideas for a memorable & low-stress “Galentine’s Day” night out/in
  • 5 Ways to show some love to your bachelor pad—and yourself—this Valentine’s Day
  • Treat yourself to a singles-only Valentine’s Day coffee or tea on us [using a pre-loaded gift card] 

That last one is better suited to the contact list in your CRM, as long as you can filter it to create a list of singles in your area. 

#4— “What I love about _____”

The Broke Agent, Dan, and Marie all shared variations on this post idea: 

“What I love about…” 

  • [Your city]
  • Being a real estate agent
  • Beach life (if you live on the coast)
  • A recent real estate event you attended
  • Something specific you do as a real estate agent—e.g., staging homes, listing appointments, marketing homes, following up with clients, hosting open houses, etc.

Marie shared another take on this: share some of the love you’ve received from clients in the form of glowing testimonials or thoughtful comments on your social media posts. 

Or share some of the ways you show appreciation for your clients—i.e., things you’ve done or that you do on the regular to make sure your clients know how grateful you are for them. 

#5— “5 Ways to Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day without Going Broke”

Another idea that stood out for Dan MacKinnon speaks to all the buyers and homeowners out there who are living on tight budgets with little, if any room, for pricey restaurants and gifts. 

The idea is to make sure Valentine’s Day isn’t a total let-down for those who don’t have a lot to spend on the holiday but who want to make it special and memorable for the ones they love. 

What are some affordable ways to enjoy the holiday without sitting around doing nothing. Come up with some ways—maybe it’s local, maybe it’s some things you can do inside your house—whatever it is, but get creative.

Dan MacKinnon


12 Creative hooks for Valentine’s Day social media posts

If the above ideas don’t already have you scribbling down notes for your next social media posts for this week, Captain Dan Oneil, aka “Danny Love,” rattled off 12 different Valentine’s Day content ideas. 

  1. 10 creative DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  2. A history of Valentine’s Day traditions around the world (or in your hometown)
  3. Romantic dinner ideas for the ideal Valentine’s Day (DIY or not)
  4. A psychology of love: What makes us fall in love with a home?
  5. 5 romantic posts, poems, or love stories of people buying (or who have bought from you)
  6. Create short and sweet Valentine’s Day-themed videos or animations
  7. Share Valentine’s Day recipes, cocktail ideas, or dessert tutorials
  8. Valentine’s Day email newsletter
  9. Different budgets (and interests) for different events
  10. Share a heartfelt message with your subscribers/followers  
  11. Love languages in real estate 
  12. Q&A session on Instagram or Facebook where your followers can ask for relationship advice or share their own love stories