Having some trouble thinking of what to post that’s not about real estate? You’re not alone. 

But mixing up your content is key to keeping your audience engaged. That goes for types of posts (Reels, Carousels, green screens, etc.) and the content you share. No one wants to see the same generic market update over and over again. 

So, to help you change things up, here are five easy Instagram post ideas your audience won’t scroll away from. 

#1—Tell us about when you moved to your city—or about growing up in your city. 

Talk about what you love about living in your city (or town/area), how you came to live in it or how long you’ve lived there, and what you would recommend to anyone planning to move or visit there. 

Share a list of five (or three or ten) things anyone planning to visit your city MUST see or do before they leave—with images or video clips to highlight each attraction or activity. 

One of those things could be going to your favorite restaurant/coffee shop/whatever and enjoying a meal or a drink (or both) that is one of your go-tos. And while you’re at it, you can share any interesting details you know about the place or its owner. 

Here’s an example from @ericarichmondrealtor on Nashville: 

#2—Why did you get your real estate license? What did you do before? How does that help you now?

Plenty of agents in your audience are curious about why you became a real estate agent and what you hope to get out of it—as well as what you did before and why it wasn’t as good a fit. 

Most people who become agents have had jobs before that opened their eyes to the following:

  • Why they don’t want to do that for the rest of their life—or even another year
  • What they actually do enjoy doing vs. what they don’t
  • Why they want to be an entrepreneur rather than work for an employer

Share that and plenty of the agents following you will relate. Invite them to share their own answers to those questions. 

#3—Show us a day in the life of a real estate agent in your city. 

There’s a lot that agents do behind the scenes that your clients probably aren’t aware of! Record snippets of your day and string them together for a day-in-the-life Reel highlighting all you do: making calls, cleaning up properties before showings, lugging open house signs around. Feel free to mix in something from your personal life as well. 

Here are some other day-in-the-life options to consider:

  • Read aloud a brief but tantalizing “journal entry” highlighting the most cringey, awkward or embarrassing moments that week as a real estate agent. Or, on the flip side, talk about a moment that changed everything—or an important lesson you learned.
  • Share a front-facing video where you talk to your audience like a friend about an over-the-top moment you’ve had recently and what you learned from it. 

#4—What’s your favorite time of day? Take us through your morning or evening routine.

People with morning and evening routines tend to be interested in what other people do in the morning or evening that helps them set the tone for the day, get more important things done, make the day more fulfilling and enjoyable, and get a better night’s sleep. 

What do you do that has been a game-changer for you? Or what have you stopped doing that made a noticeable difference in your health, fitness, productivity, focus, sleep quality, etc.?

Share what works for you and invite your audience to share what works for them. 

You can also share your favorite time of every day and explain why it’s your favorite. What makes this time something you particularly look forward to? Then ask your audience to share their own favorite time of day in the comments. 

#5—What’s your perfect weekend itinerary in your city? 

Take your audience on a quick tour of your favorite way to spend the weekend in your home city. 

Highlight the places you go and any eating or drinking spots you recommend, as well as local attractions, what you love about the local weather, or whatever you think would interest people thinking of moving there. 

This could be a video or a Carousel post. With either one, you need a strong hook and a reason for your audience to click through all the slides or watch the video to the end. Make it something you would want to watch if someone made a similar video on your dream vacation spot.

Remember that, ultimately, if you don’t enjoy making this content, your audience will pick up on that. If you’re not having fun with it, they probably won’t either. 

It shouldn’t be a soul-sucking chore to create content. But if you’re struggling with the details and want some help with the design of your posts, we’ve got you covered at Coffee & Contracts. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

And if you’re ready to take your content design game to a new (and brag-worthy) level, check out my BAMx course: “Mastering Canva Design for Real Estate Marketing.”