It’s a common challenge for real estate agents. 

You’re putting out quality, educational content on YouTube. You’ve optimized your videos for YouTube and have been consistently uploading videos for months—or even years. The only problem? The views are low. Maybe really low. 

I’m going to share with you a solution that has helped me gain up to 70% more video views on my own channel. The secret is in leveraging external sources to increase your YouTube views. 

But before we get to that, let’s discuss two types of content I believe you need on your YouTube channel—and the purpose of each. 

Two Types of Videos on Real Estate Agents Need on YouTube 

As you build out a YouTube channel as a real estate agent, you need to have a mix of different types of videos.  

Some videos will be lower in terms of views but higher in terms of appointment generation (which for real estate agents, is the goal at the end of the day). 

But it’s not enough to stop there. You also need to put out content that gets more views, likes, and subscribers in order to build authority. This way, when someone lands on your channel, they see that they’re not the third person watching – there are thousands of others that also consume your content.

You kind of have to play that game.

So let’s start with authority building videos. 

Authority Building Videos

Think about your authority building videos this way: Hollywood actors will do huge Blockbuster videos in order to make their name known. Once they’ve built a big enough name, it enables them to go do the Indie films they actually care about.

These videos—the ones with all the views—are meant to get as many eyeballs on them as possible, to place you as the authority figure in your local market. 

So, how do you get all those views? I break down my most effective strategy next. 

How to Use External Sources to Increase Your YouTube Views

By now, you know the typical strategies to increase your video views: posting a link to your Instagram Stories, posting on other social media platforms, and optimizing your video for the YouTube algorithm. 

Recently, I’ve made a little tweak to my authority building videos so they get pushed by external sources.

The most recent video I posted like this gained 11,000 views—and 70% of those views came from external sources. And the only external source I’ve noticed that matters is Google. 


So, how do you get your video picked up externally (or what I like to call getting kissed by the algorithm) so it shows up at the top of Google search?  

It’s actually pretty simple.

Use Titles from News Sources

When you use a recent news headline as your YouTube title, Google connects the two. As people start searching the headline, your video will appear in search results, leading to more views. 

Even if the title is long and doesn’t seem catchy, use it in its entirety. Journalists and writers work to create a title that will grab the attention of readers, so use what they created. 

In your video, be sure to share the article that you are referencing, whether through a screen share or green screen. Take 5-8 minutes to break down what the article is about and give your reaction. (Another great thing about these types of videos—you don’t need a script because you are just sharing your opinion about a topic.)

Of course, it’s not a perfect science, and Google won’t pick up your video every time. But when it clicks, your videos will gain 70% more views than they would have if they didn’t get picked up. 

Pros and Cons of Authority Building Videos

My most-watched video from earlier this year is at 52,000 views—and again, 70% of those views were from external sources. 

But out of all those views, there were maybe two people who reached out to me because of that video. So while it did build authority, it didn’t bring many leads. 

Here are the pros and cons of authority building videos. 


  • More views equals more subscribers. 
  • You build your brand and your authority with higher numbers on your YouTube channel. 
  • This is an easy video to create when you are lacking inspiration or are out of topics. Just Google news in your market, choose an interesting article and tell people about it. 


  • These videos lead to fewer appointments.
  • The average watch time on your video will go down compared to your channel average. Why? Brand new people (who don’t know you) are clicking on your video—and they generally don’t stick around as long as your subscribers.
  • The external bump lasts for maybe 48 hours. At that point, another trending headline will be taking over in Google search. 

I wouldn’t try to create a video with an external bump for every single video you create. I use this approach about every third video I upload. 

Appointment Generating Videos

In terms of videos that gain lower views but higher appointments, I suggest creating long-form, educational videos that give in-depth information for buyers and sellers in your market. 

For example, The Ultimate Toronto Seller’s Guide (2023) is a 35-minute video that goes over everything you need to know if you are thinking about selling a property in my market this year. 

The Ultimate Toronto Condo Buyers Guide (2023), which details how to buy a condo in Toronto, is 44 minutes long. It still gained some engagement, with 256 likes and over 5,000 views. But even better, eight people have booked appointments from this video alone (I track this on my Calendly form). 

Yes, these take some time to record and edit. But as an agent, all you have to do is act as if you are giving a listing presentation or having a buyer consult. Then simply film it. 

Pros and Cons of Appointment Generating Videos

Appointment generating videos are, in a sense, the opposite of authority building videos. They are longer, appeal to a niche audience, and can remain searchable for years to come. 

Here are the upsides and downsides of these videos. 


  • These videos gain the most appointments. 
  • They also increase your average watch time. People interested in one of these topics are more likely to watch (and sometimes rewatch) the full video. 
  • Since you are giving away so much information, you build trust with those who do watch.


  • Views for these videos are typically way below your channel average.
  • These videos can be time-consuming to film and edit.  

Of course, there are other types of videos you can include on your channel, like content that focuses on your local community or market updates. But if they don’t produce any views, you won’t grow your channel—or your business. 

Final takeaways

Building a successful YouTube channel for your business requires a strategic approach that combines both lead generation and authority building. 

While educational content generates appointments, it may not necessarily result in significant views and growth for your channel.

That’s why authority building videos are important. When you use news headlines for your YouTube titles, your videos have a greater chance to be picked up by external sources, which can increase your views by up to 70%.

By combining these two types of videos, you can create a balanced and effective YouTube channel that not only generates leads but also establishes your authority in your industry, leading to the growth of your business.