This week on The Walk Thru, Dan Oneil joins The Broke Agent to welcome first-time guest moderator, Charleston, SC Realtor, Kat Drerup, and Walk Thru veteran and real estate guru, Tom Toole, to the show. 

Starting with the steep drop in mortgage rates, the four move on to Lawrence Yun’s 2023 housing market predictions, a click-baity headline about real estate agents unable to afford rent, two new Instagram features, and each moderator’s “turkey of the year.”

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0002:43 Intro

02:43 Topic #1 – “Mortgage Rates Fall Sharply…

06:34 It’s not just the mortgage rate you need to consider.

12:34 Topic #2 – “Lawrence Yun’s 2023 Housing Market Predictions

13:59 We still have steady buyer demand—and low inventory

20:19 Topic #3 – “37% of real estate agents…couldn’t afford to pay their rent in October

21:21 Three things agents should be doing right now

30:30 Topic #4 – “Two New Instagram Features

31:31 You can now add music to a general feed post

35:19 Topic #5 – Our turkeys for the year

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