Every Thanksgiving, real estate agents gather with their families for food, drinks…and loads of questions about the real estate market. 

It’s that special time of year when the dinner table becomes a battlefield of unsolicited advice, housing market predictions, and distant relatives trying to convince you that buying property on Mars is the next big thing.

To keep you entertained through it all, we’ve gathered ten of the best real estate Thanksgiving memes. After all, it’s the stuff only real estate agents will understand. 

10 Real Estate Thanksgiving Memes

#1—Agent Travel 

The second you board the plane, all hell breaks loose.

#2—Are you ready for a crazy story?

When you’re family inevitably asks about your work.

#3—Selling Sunset Fans

But seriously, why aren’t you on Netflix yet?

#4—Sounds Legit

If they read it in a headline, it must be true. 

#5—Pilgrim Buyers

Admit it —your clients are looking pretty good right now. 

#6—Email Time

What NOT to do as an agent.

#7—Imploding Escrows

Nothing a little turkey can’t fix.

#8—Did someone say real estate?

Or when the tryptophan kicks in. 

#9—Text Your Ex

The holidays are always a good time to reconnect.

#10—Kids Table

Might be better than fielding questions from the weird uncle.