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Women in Sierra Leone Can Now Own Land

women in Sierra Leone can now own land

Source: Yahoo

After six decades, women in Sierra Leone finally have the same rights as men to own, lease, or buy land in the country. 

Gender minister Manty Tarawalli knows changing society’s perception surrounding women’s rights won’t happen overnight. But the GenderEquality and Women’s Empowerment Bill (2021), along with the Customary Lands Rights Act (2022), are steps in the right direction for Sierra Leonean women. 

An Underground City Uncovered

This next piece of good news isn’t exactly recent—but after reading Unilad’s article about it last week, we found it too fascinating not to share. 

In 1963, a man in Derinkuyu, Turkey, went on the search for his chickens, which kept disappearing in his basement.

He ended up uncovering an enormous underground city. 

This led to the discovery of over 600 entrances to the city, all of which were inside people’s homes. The underground city contains a network of tunnels and shelters 18 levels deep—enough to house up to 20,000 people and their livestock. Today, the underground city is a tourist attraction for those willing to go underground.

Century 21 Raised over $3 million for Easterseals in 2022

In 2022, the CENTURY 21 System raised $3.2 million for Easterseals—bringing its total contributions to the nonprofit healthcare organization to $135.4 million since 1979. 

Real estate agents are some of the most giving people in their communities, and sometimes this gets forgotten. This a reminder that your work—and your contributions—make a real difference. 

We are proud of our 44-year-long commitment to Easterseals as it truly embodies the culture of giving back that is baked into the CENTURY 21 brand and the relentless spirit of our affiliated sales professionals to make a difference in the lives of the people and the communities where they live and work.

Michael Miedler

President & CEO, Century 21 Real Estate

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