This week’s episode of The Walk Thru begins with a special gift from Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent to anoint the new BAM Captain, Dan (“Danny Deals”) Oneil. 

Then Byron, Dan, and The Broke Agent discuss the Tom Ferry Elite Retreat, their key talking points and takeaways, why Byron doesn’t do slides, and the morning routine behind BAM’s new daily news pod, the Hot Sheet

Next up was a BAM article with February content ideas for agents, followed by another BAM piece on the top AI tools for agents—and BAM’s newest ebook with Chris Smith’s The Conversion Club: AI Tools for Real Estate Agents.

Because we are all about helping real estate professionals level up their content and make record-breaking gains this year. 

Tune in to hear what real estate agents should be worried about in 2023 (Hint: It’s NOT being replaced by ChatGPT). 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0002:10 Intro

02:33 Topic #1: The new BAM Captain (and a special gift)

04:37 Topic #2: The Tom Ferry Elite Retreat

04:55 Preview of talking points and takeaways

13:18 The Hot Sheet and Byron’s morning routine to prepare

17:22 TikTok followers convert the least 

22:02 Topic #3: February content for agents

24:22 Big event with Chris Smith on February 16th 

25:13 Content ideas (that would crush) for Valentine’s Day

30:28 One-to-one content for clients (Tom Storey)

32:22 Topic #4: Top AI tools for agents—and a new BAM ebook

33:37 How The Broke Agent is using ChatGPT

39:37 What real estate agents should worry about (hint: it’s not AI)

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