Did January even exist? No. But, I have good news. The Spring market (hopefully) is right around the corner, the Super Bowl is in two weeks, and Valentine’s Day is coming up to destroy us all. If your 2023 is off to a slow start it’s time to refocus and start fresh in the month of love. 

Let’s get into some content ideas.


February 2nd: Groundhog Day. Well it’s Groundhog Day, again… If you haven’t seen the Bill Murray movie this day will mean nothing to you, but if you have, throwing up a post about it might be funny. The joke/meme is this: Groundhog Day repeats itself, and the protagonist, in this case Bill Murray, relives the same day over and over.

You can definitely do a Reel here about your routine: waking up, checking the MLS hot sheet, getting coffee, going to the office, heading to showings, writing contracts, inspections, etc. 

Or you can trendjack this meme/concept about a pain point that keeps happening on a consistent basis in your real estate business.

February 14th: Valentine’s Day. Or what I like to call: Hell.

From now until the 14th you can fire off as many “love” related posts as you want. This can be remixes/duets of rom-coms, real estate “love stories,” or the classic “let me play matchmaker for your home.” Although that one is cringe and I would avoid saying it at all costs.

Here are some other Valentine’s Day post ideas:

  • A Reel or post about the most romantic spots in your listing or the neighborhood your listing is in.
  • A Reel or post about how to set a romantic mood in a home: lighting, candles, etc.
  • A Reel or post about the best Valentine’s Day deals for couples.
  • A Reel or post about the most romantic restaurants in your community.
  • A Reel or post that tells the romantic story of your clients
  • Post about what you LOVE about your clients, your community, your listings, your farm, or just real estate in general.

OR, use this holiday to celebrate the actual love of your life:

February: Black History Month. As February marks Black History Month, it’s a great opportunity for real estate agents to educate themselves and their clients about the significant contributions of African Americans in the industry. From architects, designers, and builders to real estate agents and brokers, the black community has a rich history in shaping the housing market.

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February 9th-12th: The Waste Management Open. This is the crazy Phoenix golf tournament where the crowd gets hammered drunk and screams at every play on the infamous 16th hole. The Super Bowl ALSO happens to be in Phoenix this year so it will be extra wild.

February 12th: Super Bowl. When I watch the Super Bowl I am watching out for two things: the memeable moment (there always is at least one) and of course if any of my bets are hitting. So far I’m on the Eagles, the over for the National Anthem, and the under on Travis Kelce receptions. There will be many more where that came from.

For content purposes I believe Rihanna audios will be very popular this entire month because she’s performing at halftime. So, start using and looking out for those.

For IG story and feed content the Super Bowl is a great time to do simple polls asking your audience who they think we will win. Have people predict the winner/score in the comments and then do a giveaway to the closest guess.

Right after the Super Bowl ends the sports world shifts all of its attention to basketball, both pro and college. March Madness is right around the corner.


You know how it is in your local market, so talk about that. Don’t let national headlines scare your buyers/sellers away and keep educating them with green screen videos and market stats specific to your town.


The Last of US: Watch it so you have something to talk about with people. It’s a zombie show.

February 5th: The Grammys. Ever since slap-gate at the 2022 Oscars, I get weirdly excited about awards shows. Keep an eye out for potential viral moments and terrible outfits.

February 9th: You, Season 4. Our favorite stalker is back this month. This show has always gotten a lot of hype, and I think that a ton of memes/clips are going to come out of season 4. 

February 23rd: Outer Banks Season 4. This dramatic show always leads to a ton of soundbites. 


#1 —Nobody Cares
Is there someone in the RE industry that constantly tried to upstage you? This sound is a funny way to (jokingly) throw some shade.


Times were just different i guess

♬ original sound - kardashianjenclips

#2— Finn Wolfhard Trend
Users have been using the CapCut editor to point out changes in the appearance of things. Although this video is a critique, it could be spun positively to promote renovations or other real estate-themed improvements.

#3— That’s Not A Coping Skill…
What do you do to cope with the stressors of real estate life?


i too, have fallen victim to this

♬ original sound - Mikaela ✨

#4— What If I Don’t Want To Live The Way You Live…?
This sound has been used thousands of times with users explaining that their way of doing things is just better, even if that comes with a few stressors…

@caryseccleshall It’s half fun, half stressful, with a sprinkle of anger HAHA 🤣 and soon I’ll get my family into it too 🤪 #realtoroftiktok #realestatetiktok #realtorhumor #realestatehumor #realtorlife #realtortok #realestatetok #realtorsoftiktok ♬ original sound - vicmram

#5— I Try Not To…
If you’re on TikTok, chances are you’ve heard this sound. People have been using it to talk about humiliating things they’ve done, and let’s be real—there are PLENTY of blunders that agents could expose with this sound.

#6— Flowers, Miley Cyrus
This highly anticipated song has already been used over a million times on TikTok. Agents could use it to film a day in the life vlog, promote a listing, or go in the direction that this creator did:

General February content tips

There are two posts outperforming everything right now: green screens and slideshows. Do as many of these as you can and stick to as much edutainment content as possible.

Let’s have a great month. LOVE you all 🫶