Burger King has a plan to make you fall in love with the Whopper again.

After lagging behind competitors during the pandemic, the Restaurant Brands International fast-food chain plans to invest $400 million to improve its brand. Of that amount, $150 million will go towards advertising and digital products.

In other words, traditional advertising methods.

Which means it will fail.

Shifting Market

Every market and industry is going through a shift. As we move into the next couple of years, we all need to take the risk to grow while others retreat into uncertainty. 

But the risks we take must be smart.

If you take the kind of risks that Burger King is about to take and rely on traditional advertising methods like TV ads or billboards, your investment won’t pay off. 

You can’t afford to make that type of mistake in your business. So, what should you do instead?

Content Marketing

There are many ways you can cut back on costs in the coming year: put more attention on sweat equity leads, be smart about hiring, and focus on content marketing over traditional advertising. 

But when it comes to content marketing—specifically your social media game—it’s all about how much you put out. 

A lot of people are getting emotional about putting out the “right” piece of content, and they’re just not putting out enough. There should be absolutely no emotion tied to your social media game. It’s a math problem. Put out more than ever before to put yourself into a position to be seen (and remembered) on social media platforms.

Burger King is going to get steamrolled by the companies and individuals that are investing in content creation. 

Let’s just take the most subscribed YouTube channel, MrBeast, for example. He opened MrBeast Burger, a fast food restaurant. And there were tens of thousands of people waiting on opening day. 

Why? Because for the last 5-10 years, MrBeast has produced content at scale every single day on social media platforms where people spend their time. So when he went to launch this burger restaurant (which will scale into a chain and compete with the companies like Burger King), he had to go online and ask people not to come to the restaurant anymore. 

He actually had to stop demand. All because of content creation.

Take Smart Risks and Go All In

Content creation is how companies will drive business this year, not traditional digital ads. TV and billboards worked the last couple of years because everything was easy. It was easy for BK to sell food because people were trapped in their houses ordering from Uber Eats. Just like it was easy to find someone who wanted to get out of their apartment and buy a house.

Now there’s less of everything.

There’s less to go around, and spending your money on traditional advertising will be a method for disappointment in 2023. 

It is time to go all-in on producing more content on the internet. Create short-form video and get it out there every single day. 

The money you spend this year and next year needs to be smart money. Don’t have your budget wrapped up into something that’s not converting right now. Go after what works.