Building your digital brand isn’t just about what you post. It’s also about what you don’t post. You have all these gurus saying low-IQ shit like, “Don’t think about it; just post.” 

But this guru says you should think about it, and maybe you shouldn’t post it. 

I’m not a guru, by the way. But I’m breaking down what agents shouldn’t post on Instagram. 

#1 – Do not post anything horizontal – photos or videos

If you post a horizontal video, it guarantees a scroll-by. I know your videographer might have filmed that listing horizontally, but tell them to get something for the vertical platforms (or you fire them for not suggesting that themselves). 

At the very least, download the Instasize app and put your horizontal video or photo on a white background so it fills up the entire screen. I go into this in detail in our Instagram course

#2 – Do not post something without crediting your source

If you are reposting something, tag the account you got it from. 

If you are doing the same video concept as someone else, maybe another agent, message them and ask permission. Shoot them a DM and tell them how much you like their video and that you want to do a version of this on your own. They’ll usually say yes because it’s flattering. 

If you just rip someone off and don’t give credit, that agent will feel violated and send nothing but a cease and desist. 

#3 – Do not make fun of your clients 

I see a lot of agents posting TikToks and Reels about how insufferable their buyers are or how unrealistic their sellers are. It’s probably the worst strategy you could ever think of. 

Making fun of situations, other agents, or broad real estate problems is fine, but doing specific content about your clients is a fool’s move. Let me do that on @thebrokeagent

#4 – Don’t post if your client is waiting on a response from you

Your client just texted you at 11 am on a Tuesday asking for an update on a request for repairs. But you just posted an Instagram Story on the 11th hole saying you’ve lost 11 balls and chugged 11 White Claws. Your client now sees that you’re ignoring the question, which will anger them. 

Just be cognizant of the timing of your posts. If your client’s waiting on something from you, don’t go on a posting spree (unless you’re positive they don’t follow you). 

#5 – Don’t post anything political

Or go ahead. If you want to alienate half your audience, that’s obviously your prerogative. Just know that the people who agree with you will like you even more, but the people who don’t will hate you and never want to work with you. 

Sure, it’s great engagement, but it’s probably not worth losing half your potential client base because you want to re-share a memory of yourself storming the Capitol. 

#6 – Sometimes, it’s just about knowing when not to post. 

If there was a tragedy, attack, or natural disaster, maybe lay off and give your real estate content some space. People already think real estate agents are too promotional. Don’t make it worse by posting about how stupid people are for renting instead of buying after their entire town was just wiped out by a tornado. 

I’m not saying not to post at all. Social media can be a great tool to help and provide useful, meaningful commentary on the situation. So, be a resource and a leader—not a tone-deaf jerk. 

#7 – Do not post cheesy motivational quotes with no context

Nobody wants to see content like the following cluttering up their feed: 

  • “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
  • “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become…” 
  • “You will never win if you never begin.”

What does this content do for anyone? Nothing. Stop posting quotes like these. No one cares.

#8 – Do not post generic holiday graphics

They aren’t cute. They aren’t funny. And they do nothing for your real estate business. In fact, I’d say they hurt it. 

Nobody wants to see a RE/MAX-branded “4th of July” template that says, “Happy 4th.” If you have nothing better to post, then don’t post anything. You don’t need one of those generic holiday graphics. They’re pathetic. 

#9 – Do not post just to post. 

I know all I do is rattle on about how important it is to be consistent with content, but you have to think of everything from a branding perspective. 

As The Broke Agent, I get sent a lot of tagged content every day from agents. I really appreciate it, and I use a lot of it. But I’m very aware of my brand. I want it to be the gold standard of real estate humor. Anytime an agent sees the key logo appear with a new post, I want them to know that it’s probably going to be quality and it’s probably going to be funny. 

The same thing goes for your real estate brand. 

Final tip: Do not post a picture with a giant closing key. It just looks ridiculous. 

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