By now, everyone knows that it’s crucial to be visible on every platform, but when it comes to TikTok, it feels impossible to know what content will perform well. Every week, we’ll be giving you a list of viral TikTok sounds to use to increase your visibility and chances of going viral. 

Here’s what’s trending this week:

#1—I Don’t care

This is a great sound to poke fun at those who make unnecessary comments during a transaction or who can’t seem to stay on topic.

@lizzshayee like can i not be hate crimed at work pls just order your diet coke tod #lbgtq #pridemonth #budlight #serverlife #serverproblems #servertok ♬ original sound - Julian Hagins

#2—I get it

What realization have you had in your career? This sound applies to so many people. 


Especially for younger or more novice agents, this is a great sound to talk about times you may have embarrassed yourself while trying to get your foot in the door.