According to a recent Zillow press release, more Americans want to be neighbors with Travis Kelce than with any other football player. 

As for half-time performers, Snoop Dogg is the reigning favorite. And among football broadcasters, Terry Bradshaw took away the most votes. 

A recent survey commissioned by Zillow and conducted by Harris Poll asked respondents which football players, halftime performers, and football broadcasters they’d rather share a fence with. 

Results were broken down by gender and age group. So, while 26% of female respondents aged 18 to 34 ranked Kelce as their favorite football player to have as a neighbor, only 8% of men in that age range voted for him, with 12% overall putting him in the number one spot. 

When it comes to halftime performers, 17% of older millennials (35 to 44) voted for Snoop Dogg, who topped the list with 12% overall. Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga tied for second place with 11% each. Only 3% picked this year’s half-time headliner, Usher, as their number one choice for next-door neighbor. 

Then, for football broadcasters, 21% of respondents aged 45 and up voted for Terry Bradshaw, who topped the list with 17% of the overall vote. Bradshaw’s FOX Sports co-host, Michael Strahan, was next in line with 13% of the vote. 

Here’s the full breakdown of Zillow’s survey results:

Football players ranked as most desirable neighbors in 2024:

  1. Travis Kelce (12%)
  2. Patrick Mahomes (11%)
  3. Odell Beckham, Jr. (7%)
  4. Lamar Jackson (6%)
  5. Josh Allen (5%)
  6. Christian McCaffrey (4%)
  7. Baker Mayfield (4%)
  8. Brock Purdy (3%)
  9. Jordan Love (2%)
  10. C.J. Stroud (2%)
  11. Jared Goff (2%)
  12. Mike Evans (1%)
  13. Other (6%)

Halftime performers ranked as most desirable neighbors in 2024:

  1. Snoop Dogg (12%)
  2. Jennifer Lopez (11%)
  3. Lady Gaga (11%)
  4. Rihanna (7%)
  5. Eminem (6%)
  6. Beyonce (6%)
  7. Bruno Mars (6%)
  8. Justin Timberlake (6%)
  9. The Weeknd (3%)
  10. Usher (3%)
  11. Other (4%)

Football broadcasters ranked as most desirable neighbors in 2024:

  1. Terry Bradshaw (17%)
  2. Michael Strahan (13%)
  3. Tony Romo (9%)
  4. Troy Aikman (6%)
  5. Jimmy Johnson (5%)
  6. Pat McAfee (5%)
  7. Joe Buck (5%)
  8. Mike Greenberg (2%)
  9. Nate Burleson (2%)
  10. Jason McCourty (2%)
  11. Other (3%)

What makes a good/bad neighbor for sports fans?

When it comes to non-famous/regular people neighbors, respondents weighed in on what makes a good neighbor and what behavior deserves a penalty flag. 

Speaking of neighbors who support rival teams:

  • 60% of respondents say they could be friends with a neighbor who supports a rival team
  • But only 46% (fewer than half) would invite that neighbor to a big-game watch party

In related findings, only 12% of respondents admitted they would snoop (or have snooped) on their big-game host’s property value online. 

A fair share of the respondents would throw a penalty flag on a neighbor who exhibited unneighborly behavior during the big game, including— 

  • Firing up their leaf blower or lawnmower during the game (44%)
  • Showing up empty-handed to a big-game watch party (40%)
  • Double-dipping into the guac (38%) 

It’s anyone’s guess how many would issue a penalty against a neighbor who— 

  • Brought carrot and celery sticks (with no dip) as a big-game snack
  • Stood near the TV and pantomimed the whole game (and hasn’t been seen since)
  • TP’d the homes of neighbors supporting rival teams

So, who would win the MVN (“most valuable neighbor”) trophy? According to Zillow’s survey, American football fans would cast their vote for a neighbor who— 

  • Makes and/or brings the best big-game food (44%)
  • Is the biggest football fan (16%)
  • Has the biggest TV (13%)
  • Has the comfiest couch (7%)

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