We are less than three months into 2024 and I think we’ve already seen the video of the year. It’s cinematic, thought-provoking, hilarious—and it perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the current climate in residential real estate. 

The sketch is by Derrick Gregory and Shane Burgman. Two funny, successful Florida agents who I despise, but also love. It’s called Recruited and is essentially a mock-movie trailer for a dystopian, apocalyptic time where every agent on Earth has been recruited to a cloud-based brokerage…except Derrick and Shane. They are the last two agents actually selling real estate while everyone else is focused on growing their downline. Derrick and Shane operate in the shadows and try to avoid recruiters at all costs.

Just watch it.

How incredible was that!?

The Brilliance of Recruited

First off, the production value is off the charts. I just saw Dune 2 and this gives the sandworms of Arrakis a run for their money. Second, the details and inside-industry jokes are simply brilliant. 

It starts with Derrick saying, “Do you ever feel like we made the wrong choice?”

This is probably how a lot of agents feel as the FOMO of revenue share creeps into the daily frustrations of selling real estate: Wait, I can make tens of thousands of dollars a month NOT selling real estate!? And all I have to do is post on Instagram and speak on the occasional social media panel!? And I get a rip off of the sales of people I bring in!? Sounds amazing!

Every agent has probably thought about this as the popularity of cloud-based, rev-share brokerage models continues to grow. At some point in your career, if this hasn’t happened already, you will find yourself at a real estate conference in an inescapable conversation with a REAL or eXp agent. They will drunkenly flash their monthly earnings in your face, and it will be infuriating…yet also alluring. At the time you may scoff at their gleeful soliloquy, but you bet your ass you will think about it in the morning. Not speaking from personal experience here of course. 

Anyway, I particularly love the line, “No conferences, no masterminds, no podcasts.” It directly hits at the influencer economy that has developed in real estate, again shining the light on the fact that some agents may be too focused on consuming and creating content instead of actually selling real estate. Particularly love that they used a clip from our podcast, The Walk Thru.

Walk Thru

The Nike shoes are just the icing on the cake. For whatever reason, the heavy hitters at Real Brokerage are all obsessed with their shoes. 

Don’t Skip the Comments Section

If you want to continue to laugh and be entertained, dive into the comment section. You have people defending their rev share models, laughing, arguing, and, of course, recruiting. 

Sharran Srivatsaa, the President of Real (a brokerage they are clearly poking fun at) even enjoyed it. 

This video is exactly what this industry needs. It tastefully mocks the new world we are in, where some real estate agents focus on growing influence in order to grow downlines and spend less time selling real estate. 

It’s also just extremely refreshing from a comedic angle. I think we are all a little burnt out on the TikTok-style, quick-hitting hook real estate memes that everyone rips off from each other. Take it from me who built a career on this. I’m exhausted recycling the same 30 captions on real estate jokes and I think this industry craves some fresh, longer-form sketch comedy that is a little more high-brow than your typical dad at inspection joke. 

This was a major W for Derrick and Shane. Definitely follow them and check out the rest of their content. Both of their IG pages are filled with gold.

Also, below you can watch Recruited on YouTube for the full IMAX experience. We just started a new channel for real estate humor where we will be hosting more long-form comedic skits just like this. We posted one last week on the type of buyers who come to your open house by The Property Brothers-In-Law. Definitely subscribe if you like this sort of content.