BAM Camp kicked off at 9 am ET with an opening keynote from Toronto agent and BAM Creator Matt Lionetti

As for Matt’s keynote title, “The Power of Personality and Storytelling,” we don’t know anyone better qualified to show the power of both in real estate marketing. And he does an excellent job of explaining exactly what that means. 

In his keynote, he shared stories from his first few days as a real estate agents. He can tell you, from his own experience, the difference it made when he stopped trying to do what he thought everyone expected of him and tried something he actually wanted to do. 

Video was the key. But first he had to identify the kind of marketing videos to create. 

Watching Matt’s first video, compared to his trademark content, is like stepping into the Twilight Zone—or some other dimension where Matt has clearly been replaced by a pod person. 

Actually, though, this was Matt before he discovered his niche. In fact, this is how a lot of agents sound when they first start making videos—before they find what works for their personality and their audience. 

From personality to marketing niche

In Matt’s case, he started out doing all the things he thought his future clients wanted him to do:

He knew agents who were killing it with these strategies, but they weren’t working for him. So, before quitting and going back to Sunglass Hut, he tried a different approach: creating videos for social media. 

After identifying what sells and trying a few motivational videos (which he never released), he decided to go with comedy. 

After all, funny sells. And Matt has a knack for creating content that not only gets people laughing but plays on repeat in their heads—in a good way. Once he’d settled on a niche that fit his personality and interests, creating videos and posting them on a regular basis felt a lot less like work. 

When you find something you like to do, it’s easy to be consistent. And when you’re consistent, you get results.

Matt Lionetti

People loved his videos. His humor, which is part of his warm and genuine personality, made him stand out as someone who felt familiar, relatable, and fun. 

So, naturally, people who enjoyed his content and were motivated to buy or sell a home saw him as a great agent to work with. And when they saw the results he was getting with his funny listing videos, more sellers wanted their homes to get the Matt Lionetti treatment. 

Here are a few examples of Instagram Reels that showcase Matt’s humor and creative approach to real estate marketing:

The video that changed everything

Despite the net positive reaction from his audience, Matt had his detractors—people who were quick to criticize his use of humor in his marketing videos. 

But one video in particular, which he posted in February 2020 changed the entire course of his career. 

Matt held onto the Freddy Mercury video for two weeks before posting it. When he finally did, it went mini-viral the first day. The next day, though, he was floored to find a comment on Facebook by Ryan Serhant: “Love this!” 

Ryan is one of the reasons Matt got into the real estate business, so this was…huge! 

A couple days later, Serhant’s team did an article on Matt’s video. And then a couple months later, he called Matt and told him he loved his videos. He said he would share Matt’s videos in his Stories, which was a tremendous boost to Matt’s confidence. 

It really did two things: it gave me confidence… A lot of people were looking at my content at that point, and they didn’t know if they should engage or not because they didn’t know if it was professional or whatever. As soon as Ryan started sharing and commenting, he kinda broke down a barrier where it was okay for other people to like it.

Matt Lionetti

Matt ignored the critics and kept producing content that played to his strengths. Humor didn’t stop him from consistently delivering value to his clients. 

What it did was make marketing a lot more enjoyable, both for him and for the clients whose homes sold more quickly and for more money—thanks to Matt’s videos.  

Share your personality and your wins—but also your losses

Not everyone can do funny. But every agent can leverage their personality and their stories to identify the type of content that works best for them and attracts an appreciative audience. 

I always say it’s great to share your wins, but you should also share your losses. Because your wins give you credibility, and your losses make you human. So, don’t be scared to share those losses.

Matt Lionetti

If you’re not sure what type of content works for you, the best way to find out is to try different kinds and see what takes. 

When you’re just starting out, if you’re like a lot of newbie video creators, it’ll take a few videos before you settle in and start showing more of your personality, intentionally or not. Part of that comes from actually watching the first videos you’ve made—and then rising from the ashes and taking notes. 

Learn what you can from those first cringe-worthy videos. They’re a necessary step in your evolution as a content creator. 

And remember, there will always be critics, even when your videos are getting love from more and more clients—or even Ryan Serhant. 

A lot of people, still today, they’ll tell me, ‘Matt, these are dumb. This is stupid. You’re ruining the industry. You’re giving real estate agents a bad rep.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know if you guys know this, but real estate agents, we don’t have a good rep. I don’t think Freddy Mercury is really tipping it over the edge for anybody. 

Matt Lionetti

Personality is the draw—not the deal maker

Obviously, showing your personality isn’t enough on its own. Matt doesn’t create funny videos just to make people laugh and get them to like and share his content. He creates them to serve his clients and to show what he does for them. 

His humor is an essential part of his marketing strategy. But, by itself, it could not have gotten him to where he is now. 

The humor draws people in. But it’s Matt’s above-and-beyond approach to serving his clients that makes them glad they chose him as their agent—and happy to recommend him to everyone they know.