When it comes to direct mail campaigns, we all want one thing—to catch the attention of the recipient before hitting the trash can. Today, I have one that will do just that. 

The campaign is simple, the hook is irresistible and it is shockingly effective. Plus, the idea came from Jimmy Mackin’s organization, Curaytor, so you know it’s gold. 

The Strategy: Simple and Compelling

The postcard boldly features the undeniable hook “Name Your Price,” accompanied by a QR code. 


That’s it. 

No details, no photo, no branding (aside from state regulations). The QR code creates a seamless interaction by directing the recipient to an automatic text message with a prefilled response to name their price, in return for a free, no-pressure home value report delivered within 24 hours.

Why It Works

This campaign leverages the power of curiosity and the appeal of personal gain without any apparent risk. The mystery of not knowing exactly what the deal entails is the secret sauce in making this campaign irresistible. It’s this curiosity that led to a staggering increase in interaction—more than five times the usual rate—with 19 scans out of 1,000 mailers. 

To emphasize the impact of these stats, let me give you a brief back story on my audience. My geographic farm is primarily boomers. I know they pay attention to my consistent direct mail pieces, often saving them or at least referencing them when we talk. But they never, ever, scan the QR codes. I almost skipped this mailer knowing how low my scan rate is, but I am glad I didn’t.

Implementation: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Design Your Mailer

Keep the design clean and focused. Use bold text for “Name Your Price” and include an arrow pointing to the QR code. Simplicity and direct call-to-action are key. I had a cheat code through Listing Leads, where I simply clicked on the provided Canva template. 

(P.S.: Listing Leads is a new subscriber-based listing attraction platform Jimmy Mackin and Tom Ferry created. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants more listings.)

2. Set Up the Technology

Use a service that generates QR codes, I use the free version of Flowcode but honestly, the analytics there could be better. Choose a QR code that links to a pre-filled text message. When scanned, it should prompt the user’s phone to text you a preset message.

3. Personalize the Follow-Up

Pick up the phone and call the homeowner to let them know you have their home value report prepared. Offer a drop-off time and see if they are available to receive it. 

Obviously, we want to get in the door, but I don’t push since I want to encourage continued engagement and I reiterate this is a no pressure situation when on the phone. Therefore, I offer to drop it in their mailbox or at the front door if they are unavailable. Of course, this home value report is covered with my branding, highlighting my seller services to showcase my offerings, professionalism, and my neighborhood market knowledge.


After sending 1,000 mailers, the campaign yielded 19 scans and 3 direct interactions, including a $1.5 million seller lead, a $2.7 million seller lead, and a significant conversation with an exceptionally high net worth homeowner impressed by the campaign’s audacity and effectiveness. 

This high-net-worth individual is a prominent businessman managing multiple, well-known national corporations and he took time out of his (presumably) very busy day to pay me a compliment. He literally said: 

“I spend millions and millions of dollars every year on marketing and advertising, and this is some of the best I have seen.”

I graciously took this compliment and the realization that there is power in impactful marketing that can ignite our brand from a single piece. Even though I am not selling this man’s house today, I am certainly making the right friends. 

Speaking of making friends, this is an easy way to break into a neighborhood, even if you have no existing relationships or brand awareness there. If you don’t send mailers because farming takes consistent effort (and dollars) over time, here is your loophole.

Bottom line: people respond to this mailer. By adopting this simple strategy, you can dramatically increase engagement and expand your client base. The “Name Your Price” campaign can be used on any audience, in any season and in any geographical area. It worked so well for me; I’ll likely expand this campaign to neighborhoods outside my farm and see what happens.