If you’ve been following along with my journey, you’re likely aware of the significant growth I’ve experienced in both my personal and professional life over the past year. Reflecting on the process that led to the achievement of my goals during this time, I’ve discovered a straightforward yet powerful formula that paved the way for making it all happen.

Today, I’ll show you how to become a magnet for the opportunities, connections, and abundance you desire for your life in 2024. I’ll share the exact process to expedite the rate at which you achieve your goals this year, along with an important lesson from Oprah about manifesting.

Define the Vision

Whether it’s a particular home that you want to live in or a specific opportunity you’re seeking in your life, it begins with defining the vision. Take, for example, the goal of wanting to speak on stage. By gaining absolute clarity that speaking more and being on stage is an integral part of your vision, you set the foundation. The vision can be as vivid and crystal clear as you desire, but the essential element is having that clarity around the goal.

Tap into how it feels

We hear this a lot when it comes to chasing our goals and understanding how our brains work. It’s about tapping into the emotions and the feelings tied to our objectives. 

This is critical because our brain doesn’t know the difference between something that is vividly imagined and something that has actually happened. The more we can cultivate the feeling of standing on that stage, what it feels like when the spotlight hits us and when the crowd erupts in applause, the closer we will become to achieving it. 

We have to define what that experience is going to feel like! How many of your five senses can you bring into that experience? What are you wearing? How do those clothes feel on your body? What are you hearing? The more you can anchor yourself in your vision of the future, the faster you can achieve what you want.

Let go of the attachment

Oprah recently shared a story in an interview about her early days as an actress in The Color Purple. Back then, she was a local news anchor in her early 20s, not the media mogul we know today. 

After her audition, the director dropped some big names of actresses who also tried out for the role. Oprah, wanting the part so badly, went home and prayed to be released from fixating on the outcome. She even prayed to genuinely celebrate whoever got the role. Mind you, the decision hadn’t been made yet, but she was already feeling the weight of wanting this role. Oprah shared how deeply connected she felt to the story of The Color Purple because it mirrored her own life as a young girl. However, doubt crept in when she heard about the other talented actresses auditioning, making her feel less qualified.

How often do we use someone else’s success, confidence, or past performance as a reason to validate our insecurities about why we aren’t qualified in our own lives?  Oprah shared that she reached a point where she was almost mourning the idea of not getting the role. It got to a moment where she felt that grip of attachment release, and she let go of the pressure to make it happen. She released her attachment to the outcome. 

In a surprising twist, right after she released that attachment, she received the news that she had, indeed, secured the role. It turned out to be one of the most profound lessons she ever learned. It’s a powerful reminder that while having a clear intention and vision in our lives is crucial, along with taking the necessary actions, the final piece is letting go of the attachment to the outcome and, interestingly, the specific path it takes to unfold.

The game-changing phrase

A phrase that helps me cultivate that unattached energy toward my goals is a simple one: “This. Or something better.” 

I embrace the belief that what I’m aiming for will either manifest exactly as I envision – something I can see, feel, touch, and taste – or it might be something even better, something beyond my current imagination.

Reflecting on the past, I used to get fixated on my goals, pursuing them with sheer willpower, determination, and hard work. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with hard work. However, what I’ve come to realize is that often, that intense effort is fueled by an underlying attachment. I felt that if the goal didn’t materialize, it somehow reflected on my worthiness or success. 

Sometimes, we are so focused on making something happen, that we allow our entire identity to shape around achieving that goal.

Remove the Blinders

Imagine a horse racing with blinders on, only able to see a few inches right in front. The left and right views are blocked. When we’re stuck in that attachment mode, intensely focused on making something happen, we inadvertently shut ourselves off from potential opportunities to the left or right that might actually be better for us.

We’ve got to trust that what unfolds will either be exactly what we’re envisioning or something even better that’s hidden from our view. Looking back at my own life, many of the blessings I cherish weren’t even on my vision board. I used to operate with attachment, pushing hard to make a goal happen. Little did I realize that, in the process, I was unintentionally cutting myself off from the even bigger future that was awaiting me.

Pair Certainty with letting go of attachment

Once we’ve let go of attachment, it’s crucial to anchor ourselves in certainty that the desired outcome is on its way. When you marry certainty with the release of attachment, that’s the magic switch that activates the magnet for the things you want. Hold onto the certainty of your vision even when your current external reality looks nothing like it. Learning to consistently reconnect with the feeling, all while acknowledging that your brain can’t distinguish between living out the vision and not, accelerates the timeline for achieving your goals. 

And remember, it’s not just about what we’re doing; it’s also about who we are becoming in the process.