Over 70% of consumers say they would use their real estate agent again…

…but only 20% actually do, according to the National Association of REALTORS®

There’s a simple reason why: most agents don’t keep in touch with their past clients. Fortunately, you can re-engage your database during the holiday season. And all it takes is a simple phone call. 

This is the easiest phone call to make to your database—so start making it this week. 

The Holiday Season Gratitude Call

The holiday season gratitude call is so simple. Not only that, but it is completely underutilized. 

I encourage everyone to start making this gratitude call this week before people become entirely consumed with their holiday to-do lists. 

There’s nothing complicated about this call. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. 

Step 1: Let them talk. 

Start off by saying something like,Hi, it’s Tom Toole with RE/MAX, following up like I said I would. Happy Holidays! How’s everything going?

Then let them talk. If you’re not sure what to ask them about, follow the F.O.R.D. method:

  • F – Family: How’s the family doing?
  • O – Occupation: What’s new at work?
  • R – Recreation: Any plans for the holidays?
  • D – Dreams: I typically avoid this one, but if you know of a personal goal they’re working toward, ask about it.

Step 2: Express Your Gratitude

After you’ve let them talk—and make sure you are taking notes to update your CRM—end the call by expressing your appreciation.

“I want you to know I’m really grateful for you. I appreciate our relationship, and if I can ever do anything to help you, feel free to reach out. Hope you have an awesome holiday season and a prosperous 2023. We’ll stay in touch.”

Step 3: Repeat

Call 5-10 people every day until you’ve reached everyone in your database. Make it a specific number and hold yourself accountable to these conversations. It’s all about prioritizing the relationship over selling a property. 

As easy as this call is, most agents won’t follow through with it. If you want to do more business in 2023—when fewer homes are selling—and engage folks who already know you, like you, and trust you, then stop what you’re doing and go make some calls. 

This works. I dare you to implement it.