On this episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, I’m going to tell you about a new AI tool that I think is ten times better than ChatGPT—and why you need to be using it right now. 

I found something over the weekend that I played with. I heard it described in a podcast, and I thought, “Wait, if that’s true, I need to try this!” I’ll explain why, and I’ll tell you exactly what I’m talking about.

ChatGPT is great, but there’s this massive gaping hole in it called “the internet.” And I found something that actually has direct access to the whole internet. You can do all the same stuff you can do with ChatGPT with this tool, and I’m really excited to tell you about it. 

If you want to be more productive, provide a ton more content than you already do—of the same quality or higher—and stay up to date with the information you need, you’ll want to listen to this. 

The AI tool I’m talking about is Google Bard. And aside from its deeply unfortunate name, it’s 100% worth your time to get acquainted with what it can do for you and your marketing content. 

It’s not a perfect tool (none of them are), but it’s leagues ahead of ChatGPT in many ways. I say you should try them and see what each can do. Both can do some things better than the other. 

We’ll also talk about a couple AI tools that generate images or videos based on your text input. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0005:50 Intro

01:36 Massive Agent Power Day. 

05:50 Why this AI tool is 10x better than ChatGPT 

09:44 Bard vs. ChatGPT breakdown

14:45 Images from text (Midjourney & Dall-E)

18:39 Videos from text  

19:32 “Here’s the danger with all these tools…”

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