Summer is officially here. 

For most, that means days in the sun, leisurely vacations, and more time off. I even read an article recently that said the number one thing agents should do this summer is “slow down and take some time for you.”

And I couldn’t disagree more.

Take Care of Yourself

I know the past 24 months have been all out. I know many agents are experiencing burnout. But this summer is not the time to be thinking about a slowdown about taking extra time for yourself. 

And listen – that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Carve out time for yourself every day. Invest in your mindset and your health every day. Do this during your morning routine or another time of day that works for you. This is essential in any market, especially if you are feeling burnt out. But taking extended or extra time off in this environment won’t help you in the long run. 

Take Advantage of this Watershed Moment

This is a watershed moment. The climate that we’re dealing with economically, the information being thrown at people about this economy, this housing market, and predictions of what will happen next – it’s a lot for any consumer to take in. 

As professionals, we need to be leaders with that information. If we’re all hiding somewhere, if we’re not out in front of this, we won’t be recognized in our markets. If we check out for the summer, we won’t be identified in our communities as the people with accurate information.

Take Control of Your Market

It’d be really easy to put your head in the sand right now and let CNBC do all the talking for you. 

But if you want to be a market leader, then you need to be the one who is educating consumers:

  1. Analyze the data. What is actually happening right now? Historically, how has the housing market performed in this climate?
  2.  Know how to communicate with consumers during this shift. Don’t just repeat what everyone else is saying.
  3. Follow a playbook to ensure you are talking to people daily and getting your brand out to the masses.

The real winners over the next 12 months are the ones making sure they are front and center over the next 60 days. The ones going deeper into their business, working their butts off, and  being out in the eye of the public over the next 60 days.

Sorry it’s happening in the middle of your summer. But we can’t control the outside forces. We can’t control the economy over the next 60 days. It’s not time to cool down and chill out. It’s time to go deep on your business.