It’s one thing to tell real estate agents they need to diversify their online presence. But what does that actually look like? And what do you need to do to protect yourself from having your Instagram account shut down by scammers? 

More importantly, how do you keep your business going strong even if that happens?  

On today’s 5AM call, I re-emphasized the importance of being on Instagram and, more to the point, mastering the kind of short-form, viral content that is making the most impact right now. 

What is working right now? 

Mastering short-form video content means posting all three of the following on a daily basis: 

  • Instagram Reels
  • TikTok
  • YouTube Shorts

Gary Vaynerchuk would even recommend posting three to four times daily, but the bare minimum is every day

These three platforms should be the foundation of your strategy for diversifying your online presence. Whatever your comfort level with video, this is a medium you cannot afford to ignore. 

Instagram is still very much an important platform for building your real estate brand with short-form content. But it’s not the only one. And as some of our favorite agents on Instagram can tell you, relying too much on one platform comes with a risk. 

As for TikTok – the number one website visited over Google – if you’re not reposting your IG Reels on this platform, you need to get started on that right away. 

On top of that, you should be creating YouTube Shorts every day. I started a YouTube channel in August of 2017 and as of today, it has gotten over 170K total views. 

In March of this year (2022), I started posting Shorts. And since only then, those videos have gotten 76.4K views – almost half the total views in just a few months. 

If you’re not taking advantage of YouTube Shorts, you’re missing out. 

Three Most Important Things

When you’re creating these videos, there are three things you need to remember to make your content stand out. 

1. These videos need to be info-heavy – the kinds of videos people want to save, not just consume and move on. Sharing used to be the goal, but right now, the videos doing the best are the ones users are saving to return to later. 

2. Every video should present new content step-by-step with hand-holding detail to make it easy for your viewers to apply what they’re learning from you. You want them to have “Aha!” moments when they put your words into action, because the feeling that goes with that ensures your content leaves an indelible imprint on their minds. 

3. Every video needs a crystal-clear, eye-opening, and original audio hook. Just playing music won’t help your content stand out because everyone is doing that. Instead, lead with a hook that grabs their attention and promises clear and valuable content. 

You want to create videos people can listen to and benefit from without having to watch them. 

Repurpose your existing content

If a video you’ve posted to any of these platforms is getting more attention from your audience than the rest of your content, redo it and repost it. 

In a month or two, reshoot the video as a different version, and publish it across all three video platforms. 

Anything that works on Instagram, for example, needs to be on TikTok and YouTube also. 

The reason? Some of your audience prefers TikTok over Instagram – or YouTube over both of those. You need to establish a daily presence on all three. 

If you’re wondering how long these videos should be, right now, the sweet spot is 45 to 60 seconds. 

First things first

Before you work on dominating the next category of platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – you need to master short-form vertical content for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

Get into a groove with daily video posting to these top three platforms before you take on new daily content targets. 

Once you’re consistent with these, you can start leveling up your engagement on other channels. 

Don’t forget to share this podcast with someone who should be implementing this strategy. Anyone you want to see succeed in this business over the next 12 to 24 months needs to be building their brand using this timely and actionable information.