There are a lot of real estate conferences every year. Many aim to be all-encompassing but wind up feeling generic.

So when Tim Macy and I decided to host a conference, we knew we wanted to hone in on specific tactics that would generate more business. Since we all know video is essential to building a brand, video marketing quickly became the main topic, and we set off to host The Real Estate Video Blueprint (REVB).

First, we gathered experts in real estate marketing, podcasting, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and media:

Then, we put them on stage in Houston for two days and let them do what they do best.

After taking furious notes, sharing some laughs, and checking out everyone’s sneaker style, we noticed seven big takeaways that kept arising:

1) YouTube is where the money is.

While many agents are crushing it on different video platforms, no one is making more direct sales from video than our YouTube speakers, Ken Pozek and Jeremy Knight. If you are looking to generate business from YouTube, check out the type of content they are making.

2) Know your target market.

Who is your target market and ideal client? Focus on WHO you are marketing for. Wider nets catch less and less. Marketing for YOUR niche audience is what’s winning. Bob Tompkins makes it clear he’s speaking to people living in South Carolina, which is gaining him more leads than previous viral videos.

3) Nobody cares about your marketing stats.

Consumers don’t want to listen to a bunch of stats being rattled off. They want to know what those stats mean for them (if they’re looking to buy or sell), and they want your opinion and stories. Make the numbers engaging!

4) Short-form or long-form video content?

Do both. For short-form content, keep it vertical for Instagram Reels and TikTok. This, along with long-form for YouTube, is the name of the game with the highest ROI.

5) Stop listening to other agents – and listen to the consumer.

Our content can get great feedback from other agents, which can give a false sense of accomplishment. Get laser-focused on what is engaging to your audience.  We heard stories from agents (like Mindy Cronquist) putting out content their peers didn’t think was appropriate but was a home run with their audience and clients.

@mindycronquist #answer to @spidermark790 This was a fun one to make! Thanks for making it great! #utahmom ♬ original sound - Realtor

6) Don’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing.

Get ideas from content creators outside of real estate and let them inspire your content (or take a play from The Broke Agent and trendjack).  Some of the best creators in the industry are pulling from these outside ideas, while people then copy them and try to catch up.

7) The sneaker game is strong at real estate conferences.

On top of all the tips and tactics from presenters, people showed up in their best kicks.