In today’s market, real estate technology companies are splitting into two camps—predators and prey—based on their financial standing. So, what does this mean for brokerages like Compass?

In this week’s episode of The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss possible mergers and acquisitions, along with a Gary Keller quote— “Focus on a career, not a year.” That quote is the focus of an article on

The Left, Middle, Right segment dealt with Adidas terminating their contract with rapper Ye (fka Kanye West) following his antisemitic remarks—and the importance of voting in the midterms. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:22 Intro

00:22 Topic #1 – “Expect more mergers, acquisitions and liquidations” (Inman)

08:53 2022 Real Estate Technology landscape

15:10 Topic #2 – “Focus on a career, not a year” (

22:10 Why you need to be making those calls

24:23 LMR #1 – “Adidas terminates its contract with Ye (Kanye West)…” (CNBC)

26:24 Faux-authenticity and what it can cost you

30:00 LMR #2 – “Midterm elections impact the real estate market. Vote.” (Inman)

31:48 Midterms have a direct impact on your community

Click here to watch the full episode. 

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