It’s our Birthday!

You might be wondering, what are we doing to celebrate two years of BAM and the one year anniversary of BAMx

Adding more value, of course.

BAMx members already know we’re constantly adding new content and new high-value features to ensure they get more than their money’s worth. 

And the newest BAMx feature is the latest product of our non-stop drive to overdeliver.

BAMx in a Box delivers a weekly set of customizable templates for email, video, and social media, based on the week’s housing market and real estate news. 

For regular Hot Sheet and Knowledge Brokers Podcast viewers, many of those templates will sound familiar. But if your takeaways from those episodes don’t go beyond hastily scribbled notes that end up in piles (or, worse, in the wastebasket), instead of going out to your audience in regular, easily-digestible emails, videos, and social media posts, we’ve got just the thing.  

Our Most Highly-Requested Feature

Since the launch of BAMx, last year, we’ve been getting requests for already done-for-you templates. We started working on BAMx in a Box months ago, and now, we’re ready to share the good news! 

The goal of BAMx in a Box is to make it even easier for real estate professionals in the BAMx community to educate and empower their database and social media followers with engaging weekly content based on verifiable and relevant data. 

BAMx is already the best platform for real estate agents. But just as you keep leveling up as a real estate professional, we keep finding ways to make BAMx even better! 

So, if you’re not a member yet, what are you even waiting for? (Did we mention you can use the code FEST for 30% off your ticket price until 11:59 pm ET on April 18th?)

What exactly do you get with BAMx in a Box?

Every week, we send BAMx in a Box to every BAMx member’s email inbox, along with uploading them to the BAMx platform. Every downloadable PDF includes—

  • 3 social media templates
  • 2 video templates
  • 1 email template

Our social media template links take you right to Canva where you can easily customize the post to your specific audience. Change the fonts and colors to fit your brand. Add data specific to your local market. If you have a lead magnet to offer, add a CTA to get email signups. 

Feedback from BAMx members

We launched BAMx in a Box on March 29th to members, so we’ve only had the feature for a few weeks. But right away, our BAMx members put them to work—and excitedly shared their results

Here are just a few of the comments from the BAMx Facebook group about the new templates:

  • “Loving the weekly BAMx-in-a-Box templates! Took about 5-7 minutes to customize and post my first one!” 
  • “BAMx in a box! Just like Jack, only better!”
  • “I am so grateful for you all! Thank you, Eric!”
  • “This is amazing!! LOVE THIS.”
  • “This is great news. Thank you!”
  • “I took a spin off of your post and have gotten so much engagement in FB.. 12 comments so far. I posted it as is in Instagram and my biz page. 🥳🥳 So excited for this, thank you!” 
  • “Love this and thank you for continuing to add more and more value! You all rock!”
  • “LOVE THIS, already shared my first post! Thank you!!”
  • “BAMX has been the best program I’ve invested in!”

The price of BAMx membership is about to go up

As the BAMx platform grows in value (month after freaking month), it’s inevitable that the price will go up as well. 

And the next increase in price is coming at midnight on April 19th!

Current BAMx members with an ongoing subscription will be grandfathered in at their current membership price—along with anyone who signs up before 11:59 pm ET on April 18th. So, if you’re not yet a BAMx member, now is the time to get today’s lower rate locked in.   

That means you’ll never pay more than the current rate for your BAMx membership—as long as you have your subscription set to renew automatically. 

Get grandfathered in while you still can. And start finding out why our members are saying things like—

  • “I’m loving the BAMx community, BTW! I’ve been in real estate 20+ years and resisted the BS and fluff of most other programs. But BAMx gets it done and has given me the kick in the pants I need to take it to the next level. Buckets of thanks!” 
  • “Just signed a listing and got three leads off (Hot Sheet) show notes! …I literally would not have been able to put this together without those notes, so I am really grateful!”
  • “This is awesome! I keep telling everyone that BAM gives the absolute most value for the money. Thank you, guys!”
  • “BAMx is seriously the best platform for help with tactical principles, and you and the other creators are so freaking great for talking so often and openly to us! Also, I’m 100% going to submit something to contributions in 2024…Since you guys first started, I loved the copy in the blogs. So, I’m pumped for the opportunity and won’t submit a terrible article.” (Note: She’s now one of our top contributors!)

Stop missing out on the most valuable professional education platform for real estate agents. Join BAMx now to get grandfathered in at the current membership price before the price increases!