If you’re struggling to grow your following on Instagram, we have just the prescription you need to attract the right people and cultivate real connections with them. 

The author, Eric Simon aka The Broke Agent, wrote this ebook to share the secret formula he used to grow The Broke Agent Media accounts to well over half a million followers on Instagram. 

The Broke Agent knows this formula works. And while he admits it’s extreme, he wrote it with busy real estate agents like you in mind. For that reason, he lists each of the prescription doses in a range – from minimum to recommended. 

Here’s a quick breakdown: 

  • Community Engagement (DMs, comments, etc.)
  • Scroll
  • Feed Posts Per Day
  • Instagram Stories Per Day
  • One Live Per Week

You know your life better than we do, so start where you feel comfortable and work your way to the recommended dosage. If you follow the formula laid out in this ebook, you should soon see more consistent growth and engagement on your platform.

Enjoy your new life.