On this episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking with my dear friend, Neil Mathweg, one of the greatest coaches in real estate. We’re going deep into exactly what it takes to change, what kind of work you have to do on yourself, and how to get big results consistently. 

We hear about Neil’s own personal journey, how he lost 100 pounds without dieting by making a simple adjustment that can change absolutely everything—for anyone who makes it. 

Neil is one of the people I love most in this industry. He’s a great human, a great leader, a great coach, and a great business partner. And I’ve seen him make a huge impact on a lot of the agents who are part of our team. 

Neil also shares what you, as an agent, need to know about his upcoming Agent Rise Summit in Fort Meyers, Florida, May 21-23. He’s got about 20 tickets left for this exclusive event, and you’ll want to hear why it’s worth checking out. Day 2 is about the three BIG opportunities he sees right now for agents in today’s market. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0010:40 Intro

10:40 The simple shift that helped Neil lose 100 pounds without dieting

19:38 How much of this is driven by desire?

21:34 Every belief you have is attached to a past memory. 

25:23 Do the things that the type of person you want to become would do.

27:57 Ask yourself, “When did I decide that _____?”

33:23 It all comes down to focusing on opportunities instead of challenges.

38:44 The foundation of any success you want to have starts with your mind.

42:29 Focus on what you can control, and then let the rest of it go. 

48:27 Once you take control/responsibility, you start to attract information that serves you.

51:30 What do people need to know about the Agent Rise Summit?

01:00:11 I see three BIG opportunities right now in today’s market. 

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