I share a lot of Instagram tips because that’s the platform I know best and I still believe it’s the best place to host an audience. We’ve all got our favorite platform, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore everything else. 

When it comes to Facebook, now is the time to double down your efforts. There’s great organic reach on Facebook for the first time in probably a decade. While everyone else is spending all their time on TikTok trying to fit in with Gen Z, reach the Boomers in your market on their favorite platform. 

Here is my daily 5-step Facebook plan. I shared these on a recent BAM webinar, and people went nuts over tip #1. 

#1 — Check Memories

The first thing I do on Facebook is check my notifications and look at my memories.

Why? To make sure there isn’t a status from 2008 that I need to delete. I do this every single day, and I’m sure a lot of agents also need to do this. If you ever had a friend over to your house there was a 99% probability that they would change your status to say something about a penis. So, delete those…

#2 — Take Time to Scroll

The second thing I do is scroll Facebook way more often because the feed is suggesting a ton more content. You can organize the feed like you can on Instagram, into following and recommended.  A ton of real estate accounts are popping up now that are giving me great content for The Broke Agent and BAM.

#3 — Engage in Facebook Groups

I also go into Facebook groups like Lab Coat Agents, Top Producers, and REFER, and I see what the conversations are. I look for inspiration—is this something I can use as a hook for a video? Or is it something that I can use for a post or a question?

Don’t sleep on Facebook groups. With the groups mentioned above, you can learn a lot from other agents in the industry. But you can also use groups in your community to grow your business.  Whether you’re engaging in them or creating them, you can get a ton of referrals.

#4 — Post Facebook Reels

I currently post my Instagram Reels to Facebook, and I have that linked so I can share to both at the same time. But there’s a huge difference in the copyright rules with Facebook and Instagram. If you do something with trending audio, you probably won’t be able to share that to Facebook as well. Facebook is just way more stringent with their copyright. 

What I recommend doing is instead of filming your vertical video on TikTok or Instagram, film it on your phone so that you can upload it natively to all three apps—or four, including YouTube shorts. So, Facebook Reels is definitely something you should be focused on.

#5 — Spend Some Money on Facebook

Even spending some money on Facebook will go a long way right now. Facebook’s organic reach has come back with an absolute vengeance because, first of all, with the economic recession, people and major corporations are pulling back on ad money. And then people are saying, “Oh, TikTok’s the cheaper option right now, or YouTube’s the better option.” 

All this money that was just trickled into Facebook is now being dispersed in other directions. When running ads to a lead page or a landing page, I would be hitting Facebook way harder now than I was the last two months.

Want more Facebook tips? Check out this post, where we share the rest of the strategies from BAM’s “How to Explode Your Digital Brand Through the Holidays” webinar. And if you’re looking for Instagram tips, head to BAM’s ebooks for your free downloads.