In July, Vimeo announced a new integration with Meta Business Suite: Meta x Vimeo. 

From the looks of it, this could be a game-changer for real estate agents. It allows you to create, customize and schedule video content using a single platform. No more downloading from one app and uploading to another. 

Even if your production skills are beginner-level at best, this new integration makes creating video content easier. 

Plus, it’ll save you tons of time. And who couldn’t use more of that?

4 Steps to Create a Video Post Using Meta x Vimeo

If you’re ready to start, Vimeo has kindly put a video on their blog to walk you through it. Or you can follow the steps below:

Step #1—Inside the Meta Business Suite, under “Create Post,” you see an option to “Add Media.”


Step #2—Select “Use Template” to access Vimeo’s template library. Browse templates across dozens of categories, including Facebook Ads, Reels, Marketing videos, and many more. 

Step #3—Once you’ve chosen your template, start creating your video. Add your logo, music, animated stickers, filters, and more. Then click “Save and Preview.” 

Step #4—Add your caption and your call to action, and publish your video directly to both Facebook and Instagram. 

Create and Schedule Video Posts on the Meta Social Planner

If you’re not ready to publish your video, use the Meta Business Social Planner to schedule your video and create more. 

Step #1—Open the Planner tab within Meta Business Suite to see a calendar view with upcoming holidays and events already added. Tip: Use BAM’s content ideas posts (created monthly) to fill in your calendar!  


Step #2—On the right side of the calendar, choose an upcoming “Moment” that is meaningful for your audience. Then click “See templates.” 

Step #3—Choose a customizable Vimeo template from the dozens available, whether it’s a holiday promo or marketing video. 

Step #4—Customize your video using additional media. Add text, filters, stickers, background music, and more. 

Step #5—When you’re done, hit “Save and preview.”  Add your call to action and caption, and pre-schedule the post within the Meta Planner. 

What about video content?

How do you know your video content will stand out from all the videos out there competing for your audience’s attention? 

While we can’t make any guarantees that any app or tool will make you an overnight sensation on social media, we can offer the following tips that have helped us: 

  • Consume a ton of content—especially the kind of content you want to produce and content your audience is already consuming—to see what they’re doing and get ideas.
  • Experiment with apps and tools for content creation—especially those recommended by content creators who are already crushing it. 
  • Get started—If you haven’t made any videos yet, start creating so you can identify what areas need work. If you’re creating only sporadically, hold yourself to a more consistent creation schedule. You can’t make improvements to videos that exist only in your head.

Once you know what videos you want to create and how to create them, it’s time to level up your Instagram strategy to give your content its best chance on the platform. 

Whether you explore the Meta x Vimeo integration or experiment with other tools, what will you do this week to develop your skills as a video content creator?