At the beginning of each month, I make a list of content ideas based on holidays, notable events, and what’s trending. This can help you plan your filming/posting schedule around what’s timely and relevant! As I mentioned in my trendjacking blog, posting about relevant topics gives your marketing a major engagement boost.

Here’s what to expect this August…


August has a grand total of ZERO real holidays… which is actually kind of nice. Holidays end up being a constant excuse as to why something can’t get done in a real estate deal, so it’s good to establish a little normalcy as we head into the end of summer. But, if you want to indulge in some fake holidays for content, here are some of the best (worst) ones.

August 1st: National Girlfriend Day. Maybe you can make some awful joke about how real estate is your girlfriend or that you don’t have time for a girlfriend because of real estate. Actually, don’t do that. Pretend you never read this section.

August 10th: Lazy Day. You can emphasize how you don’t celebrate this holiday because THE REAL ESTATE GRIND NEVER STOPS. 

August 14th: National Garage Sale Day. Maybe you can host a garage sale to attract potential clients? It’s kind of like setting up open house signs outside of your own house to let the people come to you. 

August 24th: International Strange Music Day. Opportunity here to poll your audience/clients on what music they prefer to listen to at open houses. You can do this in your story or post a Reel with your favorite open house song and see what people think in the comments. OR, you can post your “strangest” music obsession and engage your audience on what theirs is. If you want to relate it to real estate you can mention which songs you like to listen to in different circumstances: on the way to a closing, on the way to an inspection, on the way to crash your car through a listing you didn’t get, etc.


August is the best month for real estate conferences.

August 3-5th: Inman Connect in Vegas
August 23-25th: Tom Ferry Success Summit in Dallas

In my opinion these are the two best conferences to attend in real estate, physically or virtually. Inman is always on the cutting edge of what’s happening with technology and the future of our industry, while Tom Ferry’s is more tactical and motivational. Matt Lionetti and I are actually speaking at Inman on Friday right before the Inman Innovator Awards which we are nominated for! So if you’re coming to Vegas come say hi; I’ll be at a blackjack table at the Cosmo for 48 hours straight.

NOW, if you haven’t gotten your ticket to the Tom Ferry Success Summit, do it HERE. Use our discount code PR-BAM-SUMMIT. We are also throwing the Inaugural “BAM BASH” on Tuesday, August 23rd. If you’re interested, let us know; it’s a party.

Going to conferences has been my favorite thing to do since I started the BA. The networking you do and the friends you make are always worth it, even if you’re too hungover to attend the actual conference. Also, the content, info, and rejuvenation you get from listening to the best in the industry will provide a much-needed August boost to your real estate business.


Preseason NFL and College Football Start: Preseason starts August 5th and College football’s first week is the 27th. Finally. Life is about to get way better until you have to sit an open house during Chiefs vs. Bills on Sunday. Hopefully we get more timely and memeable moments like this:

August 6-30: UFC has a bunch of events this month, with plenty of fight nights and contender series.

August 30th: The U.S. Open officially begins. All-day matches will last through September 11th.


From a content perspective, a shifting market is great for agents. We had two straight years of a seller’s market where everyone knew what to expect. Now, rising rates, rising inventory (slightly), and economic uncertainty are providing opportunities for you to educate your clients on exactly what’s going on in your market. Pull your stats, know your inventory, and talk about it on Reels, Lives, Blogs, etc. 

There’s going to be a lot of frustrated sellers who aren’t going to get what their neighbor got in February. Manage expectations and be THE KNOWLEDGE BROKER.


It seems like the entire world has been on vacation since Memorial Day. As we said in the prior months, if you take one make sure you’re posting a little. It’s good to see a setting change and let your clients know you can afford a vacation and that you have a life outside of real estate. 

You can also make some Reels/jokes about what it’s like to be a realtor on vacation.


August 5th: Bullet Train. This movie has been doing a ton of advertising, and there will probably be a few dramatic viral clips of Brad Pitt, Joey King, and Karen Fukuhara.

Minions: This movie has already resulted in a ton of trends, the most absurd of which has to be hoards of people dressing in formal attire to attend the movie. Do some digging, I’m sure you’ll find some meme-able images of them.

The Bachelor and Love Island are airing all month. There’s always great content and clips from these.

Remember, if you are ever struggling to come up with content or need some additional graphics and ideas, definitely check out our content platform as well as Keeping Current Matters.