At the beginning of each month, I’m going to make a list of content ideas based on holidays, notable events, and what’s trending. This can help you plan your filming/posting schedule around what’s timely and relevant! As I mentioned in my “trendjacking” blog, posting about trending topics gives your marketing a major engagement boost. In April, we had Easter, Passover, The Masters, and remaining fallout from “The Will Smith Slap.” Oh, and it was still a seller’s market… Here’s what to expect this May.

Holidays to Lookout For:

May 4th: Star Wars Day AKA May The 4th. Get it? Like May The 4th Be With You. Anyway, if you’re a Star Wars nerd like me, this is always a fun day to hammer in some Star Wars memes, quotes, or puns. You can twist anything and make it real estate related.

Buyer’s Agent: “Would they accept this offer?” 
Seller’s Agent: “Yeah, maybe in a galaxy far far away HAHAHAHAHA!”

Of course this is excruciatingly not funny, but you get the picture. 

May 5th: Cinco De Mayo. Not sure the angle here yet but there’s gotta be something about slamming Tequila and being a Buyer’s Agent. Shout out Derrick Gregory for this gem!

May 8th: Mother’s Day. Remember, you aren’t a real estate agent unless you hijack every holiday to make it about you and your real estate business. May 8th is a Sunday, so maybe you can do something clever at your open house and make it Mother’s Day Brunch themed? I don’t know. How about something about how Fathers ruin deals before the deal closes, but Mothers ruin the house AFTER!?

BTW this came from our content platform where agents can brand and customize exclusive content updated monthly to make sure it’s ALWAYS timely and relevant. Click here to see some more examples.

May 11th: National Foam Roller Day. It actually is. Look it up. My take on the ridiculous random holidays is that posting about them is cringe AF. Unless it’s something as insane as NFRD. Actually, a parody video of realtors turning every holiday into a marketing ploy would be pretty funny.

May 13th: Friday the 13th. Do something spooky? I don’t know who cares.

May 30th: Memorial Day: There’s always a joke on long weekends about how realtors don’t even have weekends…but always make sure you’re being respectful about the actual holiday. You don’t always have to make “jokes” about what’s trending or make it real estate related. That’s just my angle. You can and should mix in serious posts that acknowledge the true meaning behind the event or holiday that you’re referencing. Just wanted to make that clear!

Notable Sporting Events

This May we have the NBA Playoffs (basketball), The Stanley Cup Playoffs (hockey), The PGA Championship (golf), The French Open (tennis), the Indy 500 (Nascar), UFC fights, and the second month of MLB (baseball). There’s usually a viral moment in one of these playoff games to create content around. But, this year Lebron is sitting at home so we won’t get too many insufferable moments of him crying at a routine box-out.

The Real Estate Market

Yes, you should be creating content about the actual real estate market. I know everyone wants to pull out their ring light and lip sync to Dua Lipa, but you should still content bank around what’s trending IN REAL ESTATE. A great resource is Keeping Current Matters.

Take notice of macro economic trends and give specifics about what’s going on in your market this May. Are prices still HEATING UP LIKE THE WEATHER!? Or has there been a slight cool down? Compare last year’s market at this time to this year’s and provide actual value/edutainment for your clients.

Pop Culture:

It’s early, so I don’t have much for you in the meme world yet. There was this moment with Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset taking what appears to be a fake phone call.

But, this will be irrelevant by the time you read this.

It’s always good to take note of what shows/movies are coming out. So, let’s see. There’s the new Doctor Strange movie so maybe there’s some more Avengers content we can bring back. Ahh yes, the new Top Gun is finally coming out! Great time to dip into the ol’ Maverick and Goose references. Oh, the final season of Ozark just came out on Netflix. Marty Byrde is a content machine.


Unfortunately, we are still heavy into Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, the Kardashians and Kanye. Oh, and of course Elon Musk just bought Twitter. I foresee this being relevant for the next…well forever.

So, there you have it. Some content ideas for May. I will probably do another one of these at the midway point of the month because I’m sure a lot will change. Hope this helped give you some ideas!

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