It’s May. There are high interest rates, commission settlements, a market dump, civil unrest, and it’s almost election season. So…let’s get into some content ideas!


May 4th: Star Wars Day

This is a big day in the meme world (at least for me because I love Star Wars).

Personally, I love seeing social media accounts give “May The Fourth” a nod in some humorous way. If you are a fan, throw a Yoda quote in your story to show your “personality” and who knows, maybe you will find out some of your clients/prospects are also HUGE NERDS.

If you want to go the ultimate cheesy route, you can say something like, “On Star Wars Day, remember your dream home is not in a galaxy far far away… it’s right here” (then show your listing). On second thought, don’t say that.

You can also use Star Wars audios on your Reels for a subtle trendjack.

Star Wars

May 5th: Cinco De Mayo

This falls on a Sunday this year so keep it in mind for open house themes or content you release over the weekend. Tequila shots at your open house? Sounds like a disaster

If you’re going to post about Cinco De Mayo you might want to do it on Friday or Saturday to prepare your audience like Alyssa Curnutt:

Here are some ideas for Cinco de Mayo content:

  1. Top Five bars/restaurants to celebrate Cinco De Mayo
  2. Favorite tequila to celebrate different moments in real estate. People love food and drink reviews, and I bet this can get a ton of engagement.
  3. Tequila giveaways: Get the comments going in an IG post and give away your favorite tequila for an email grab.
  4. Restaurant reviews: Go Green Screen mode (if you don’t physically go to the restaurants) to share the best spots for Cinco De Mayo

May 12th: Mother’s Day

Create content around your favorite Mother’s Day brunch spots. Maybe even book a few reservations and give them to your followers. 

Showcase some aspects of a listing that a MOM would love (without getting too stereotypical). 

Give a shoutout to all the real estate moms who can balance selling real estate and dealing with kids.

Give your followers some last-minute Mother’s Day Gift ideas. Here’s a good hook for a video: “Forgot to get your mom something for Mother’s Day? Here are four things you can plan with your mom in (insert home town).”

Better, yet just post pictures and share stories with your mom. Not everything has to be about real estate.

Coffee & Contracts

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May 27th: Memorial Day 

Tell a story about a friend or family member who served. Share information about local Memorial Day events, parades, or ceremonies. Showcase military-friendly neighborhoods and content around veterans. 

A large portion of the American population looks at Memorial Day Weekend as an excuse to vacation and party. Remind people what it’s all about!

All Month: School Is out (at least for some)

Hook idea: “Now that school is out…”

Get your brain thinking about summer activities, camp recommendations, family-friendly activities, etc.


Let me start by saying this: how awful has the Instagram algorithm been lately? I know I’m always complaining about it, but MY GOD it has been brutal. 

Some Reels are getting 80 to 90% worse engagement than just a few weeks ago. This happens when Instagram goes through major updates and that is clearly what is happening. You can see it in its interface, how stickers are showcased in Stories, and the way they are rolling out Reels Bonuses. Clearly, IG is making major shifts to the Instagram and this was confirmed by Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri with two videos released this week. 

In the first one, he talks about what sort of content IG will be suggesting:

This is great news for you, agents, and bad news for me (The Broke Agent), a meme account. Original content will be suggested more to people’s feeds while content aggregators (people who just repost content) will only go to their followers. 

Today, Mosseri posted another update about the algorithm and smaller creators:

TLDR: He said IG will be giving preferred reach in “rankings” through recommendations. Recommendations for photos and videos you see from accounts you do not follow will go to smaller creators. He also said that the IG algorithm is going to give every video a chance to be recommended to non-followers right away as opposed to going to your followers first. In the past, the algorithm would feed your content to your followers first, and then suggest it if the content performed well to that initial audience. This video implies multistage exposure with followers and non-followers first, similar to TikTok.

So what should you do? 

Create original content… which we’ve all been saying for years. So, nothing really should change if this has been your strategy. But, with this new algorithm, I think adding in a healthy dose of more GLOBAL content will serve you to reach an audience outside your local market. What I mean by this is creating content that is just as relevant to a consumer in Baltimore as it is in Tucson, Arizona. This can be general data about the real estate market as a whole or content about the home buying or selling process that applies to everyone. 

If you want to do more global content, we now have WEEKLY data-based templates, video scripts, and email templates for our BAMx members. Every week you get three social templates, two video scripts, and an email script for you to customize.

That’s May! Enjoy the NBA and NHL playoffs, the warmer weather, and the chaos!