Not too long ago, The Broke Agent caused some debate with his unfiltered opinions on videos featuring agents interviewing restaurant owners. Let’s just say he’s not the biggest fan:

But this week, he shared the PERFECT community restaurant video from Jason Cassity in the BAMx Facebook group (which, by the way, is where all the best conversations are happening):

Let’s break down what makes this video worth replicating. 

The Listicle Setup

Let’s dive right into what makes viewers stay until the end. Cassity presents his recommendations in a listicle style, making viewers eager to see what’s next. By structuring the video this way, he keeps us hooked, forcing us to watch all three segments.

Setting the Tone with Background Music

The right music can enhance the viewing experience—but it should never overpower the content. In this video, the light background track complements his narration and the visuals.

Tagging to Boost Visibility

We all know the importance of social media visibility. Cassity got it spot-on by tagging the featured restaurants and listing them in the caption. This simple act increases the chances of those businesses seeing and sharing the video, extending its reach beyond your own followers, making it a win-win situation for both you and the local eateries!

B-Roll Mastery

Here’s the game-changer for these types of videos: do not physically visit the restaurants. This eliminates those awkward conversations with owners (and saves you time). Instead, use B-roll footage, create a green screen video, or use still images in a carousel post. 

A Call to Action Worth Engaging With

A successful video always engages the viewer, and in this case, it was with a simple call to action. By inviting viewers to share their favorite restaurants, his video got a ton of comments, boosting engagement and visibility. 

If you side with The Broke Agent, thinking agent interviews are cringe-worthy, try out this strategy for creating community videos that highlight local businesses and engage your audience.