Cold calling is not dead. 

Superstar agent Loida Velasquez can attest to it. 

In this episode of The Byron Lazine podcast, I have a long-overdue conversation with Loida, where I ask her the questions I’ve been wondering about for years. Starting with how she grew her business with cold calls, circle prospecting, and door knocking.

The basics still work

Circle prospective strategies worked when Loida started real estate, and they continue to work today. Agents on the BC Team go out and knock on doors weekly, and they continuously hone their skills on the phone. Yes, they get rejections – that’s part of the territory. But they also get deals. Sometimes, it takes knocking on 111 doors (like one of her agents recently did). But in the end, he walked away with 6% full commission, and a client he would not have had otherwise.

Negotiation skills every agent needs

In our conversation, Loida also shares the top three negotiation skills every agent needs to learn:

  1. For every issue, come with a solution.
  2. Communication is key – with your clients, the other agents, and all the vendors.
  3. Know that things will work out. 

By teaching new agents how to communicate effectively, they can go into any situation with the confidence needed in a sales position.

The power of YouTube

Be sure to listen to the end of the episode, when Loida shares her reasons for starting a YouTube channel, how she grew it to over 80,000 subscribers, and how it has helped her build teams in L.A. and Miami. 

I often show agents on my own team Loida’s videos, because she not only shows the highs of real estate, but the vulnerability and commitment it takes to succeed in this business. It’s easy to see how she established herself as a leader in the industry, and why so many agents are inspired by her work.