This week’s episode of The Real Word starts with Byron Lazine and Nicole White weighing in on the Keller Williams cold call class action lawsuit—and their $40 million settlement.

Next up was a MarketWatch article on what economists have to say about home price cuts jumping from 7.1% in December to 13.6% this year. Asking the question, “Is now the time to buy before the spring rush hits?” led to a stack of insights and predictions for 2023.

Finally, for the “Left, Middle, Right” segment, Byron and Nicole discussed a CNN report: “China records first population decline in 60 years,” touching on the importance of population stability to the economy (and, by extension, the housing market) and long-term projections for China.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0000:35 Intro

00:35 Topic #1: The Keller Williams $40 million settlement and task force

01:03 Another BAM cold calling event!

05:42 “Nicole, what I don’t want to happen here…” 

12:10 Big takeaways for agents

14:26 Topic #2: MarketWatch article on the jump in home price cuts

15:06 A better question to ask (and answer)

16:15 Predictions from economists and RE professionals (True or False)

23:14 Left, Middle, Right: “China records first population decline in 60 years” (CNN)

25:16 Population and the economy

26:26 Long-term projections for China

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